Friday, August 17, 2012

Let's just be honest...

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It’s time for me to get some things off my chest:
  • I’m so glad it’s Friday I can hardly stand it. This has been a LONG week!
  • While I love seeing my family at home over the summer when I come home for lunch, I am always happy when school starts again and I have a little more “freedom”, for errands, lunch dates, etc. I can do those things in summer, I just feel guilty not spending the time at home.
  • Our AC broke yesterday. It cost $500 to fix. If it’d been just a little cooler, I may have said no thanks right now. So much for all we'd saved this month.
  • Last night Reed woke up crying (darn teething). I've had several nights where I've gotten up to tend to him, and not fallen back to sleep for hours, so I kicked  nudged Zach and told him to go deal with him. And then went right back to sleep.
  • The thought of taking a long weekend trip with just Zach has me giddy. I love my kids but a weekend with no diapers, no getting snacks, drinks, wiping noses or bottoms sounds blissful.
  • My birthday is next weekend. It's my last one in my 20's. Surprisingly, the thought of turning 30 next year doesn't really bother me. Life has only gotten better as I've gotten older and I'm thankful for each day I'm given.
  • I gave up Diet Coke. For good. It's gone. I'd cut way back to maybe one every couple of weeks. And now I'm done. My drug of choice is now unsweet tea. And I may have a regular old Coke every couple of weeks.
  • Ava is celebrating her birthday in a couple of weeks with her cousin. I'm thinking I may not do a birthday party with her for her friends this year. She has so many cousins who are her friends, I'm not sure she'll miss it. Is this bad?
  • I plan on being lazy this weekend. Anyone with me?
Happy Friday, y'all!!!!!

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