Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Hey y’all! We made it halfway through the week! Whew! Is anyone as tired as I am?
Firstly, thank you all so much who weighed in on the name debate. I appreciated everyone’s input. If you have want to throw out a fun blog name suggestion now, I’m open just in case I find one I like and don’t end up using our name!
Also, I wanted to reply to several of your comments via email and was unable to do so because your email isn’t linked to your profile! If you’ll go to your user profile and add your email address, then people you leave comments for can reply to you! :)
Can anyone else not believe it’s August??? It’s the month Zach and Ava go back to school. It’s my birthday month! And that means my babies birthdays are getting CLOSE!!! I cannot believe Ava will be four next month! I seriously have no idea where the last four years have gone! She’s really grown up the past several months.
Anyone else sick of this crazy heat? I’m over it. It’s been here long enough. Come on, fall! I’m ready for crisp temperatures, football and other good fall things!
Also, I’m giving away another Pampered Chef gift certificate at Munchkin Land Designs! Not only can you win that, the winner also gets a $25 credit towards a blog makeover. The entries also go into the grand prize drawing for the supreme blog makeover package, a $250 value! Check it out!
Until next time, cheers friends!


  1. I am so tired of this heat too. Where is fall?

  2. I hate the heat! I feel like I never leave the house because of it.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yes, definitely sick of the heat too!! I'm ready to be able to play outside with the kiddos again for sure!

    Try & email me from my comments... I've tried to figure it out to see if I have it set up correctly, and it seems like I do, but who knows if I'm doing it right!


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