Monday, September 24, 2012

A birthday celebration!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated Ava’s birthday, along with our cousin Caroline’s. Caroline is my first cousin, and was actually born on my birthday, 25 years later. She and Ava are 4 weeks apart and are great friends, so it seemed natural to have them celebrate together. They see the other little girl cousins celebrate together and it was finally their turn.

My grandma took charge and made it a princess party to remember. Let me just say there was a ton of pink and princess stuff! The cake had ruffles like the bottom of a princess dress – so cute. And tasty, too!

IMG_0882IMG_08852 IMG_0883IMG_0887

These don’t look like very excited birthday girls!!!IMG_0892

Wearing their cute matching princess shirts from Pumpkin Butter Kids!IMG_09052 

Blowing out candles!IMG_0903

Ava had a blast opening her presents. She got a lot of fun new toys, many of which I put away until she is bored with some of the others. She noticed though – she asked me “mama, why did you hide some of my birthday presents?!” ha! Smart girl!IMG_09072

It was a fun day! Ava is a a lucky little girl that so many people love her and enjoy celebrating her little life. We opted to keep it simple this year with family only and it was nice to just kind of sit back and just let her have her fun. I hope you had a great party, sweet little Ava!

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  1. How cute that they are able to celebrate together :)


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