Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ava’s Birthday!

I think it’s safe to say Ava had a GREAT birthday! It started VERY early (like, before 6:00 a.m.). ha!

A couple nights ago I said I needed to do something for her birthday and she asked if it was balloons, so we blew some up for her to wake up to in her bedroom. She was SO excited, even though she looks half asleep!IMG_0845

She woke up and said “YAY! I’m FOUR!!!” then turned around and looked at me said “right? I am 4?” It was cute! We had to take some pictures of our sweet four year old. She’s very proud of her age!


I asked Ava what she wanted me to bring to her class for her treat and she wanted chocolate cupcakes. They ended up being a little messy but the kids loved them. I’m so grateful that my work allows me to leave to do things like this.IMG_5712IMG_5716 

She had dance this afternoon and after that we had dinner. We asked her last week where she wanted to go and she said Chick-fil-a. We asked her several times and gave other suggestions and she only wanted to go to Chick-fil-a. So that’s where we went! :)IMG_5740 After that we went to my mom’s to have some cupcakes and let her open her gifts. She was certainly ready for that!IMG_5741IMG_0856

My brother had an old iPod he told me he’d give Ava we just saved it for her for today and when she got it tonight, she was SO happy.IMG_0855 

While Ava was opening presents, Reed was enjoying a Cozy Coupe ride. He’s getting fearless!IMG_0859 IMG_0858IMG_5736

Ava was happy to blow out candles but she wanted to play with her toys so she didn’t have time to eat a cupcake!IMG_5739IMG_0879 I would say this girl had a GREAT day. Thanks to everyone who wished her a happy birthday. She definitely felt loved. We are celebrating this weekend with a joint birthday party with my cousin Caroline who just turned 4 as well. I know the girls will have a great time!!! I’m so glad this girl had a great birthday. I love seeing her excitement over everything. It was just as fun a day for me as it was for her!


  1. Looks like she had a great birthday! Happy birthday Ava!

  2. Happy birthday sweet Ava! Your Mommy is just to precious making sure you had the best birthday ever and surprising you with balloons when you woke up!


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