Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning we woke bright and early (thanks, kids) and got ready to head to visit Zach’s family for the weekend. Zach had to run to school to get some stuff ready for an event so I got the kids ready and finished packing. I was quite impressed that we were out the door by 9!


We got lucky and they BOTH slept for part of the drive!!!!!IMG_5499

We passed a Starbucks and everyone is going gaga for the pumpkin spice latte being back, but MY fall drink of choice is the salted caramel mocha. And I make it into a frappucino (non-fat, no whip, not too shabby!)! YUM! IMG_5501

Zach’s parents had a little birthday party for Ava to celebrate while we were there. Before we left, Ava said “how about we open presents first?” Silly girl. She got her wish.IMG_0831IMG_0838 

Reed checking himself out in Aunt Mallory’s phoneIMG_0836

Reed desperately needed a nap so I snuck away to hold him in another room in hopes the quiet would help him rest. it did. I also got some good snuggle time with my baby while he slept which NEVER seems to happen!IMG_5508

After Reed’s little snooze, it was time for cake!IMG_0844

I CANNOT even believe this girl has a four on her cake! How is that possible?!

Later that night we watched the terrible Hogs loss. Heartbreaking.

We woke up this morning and Reed didn’t feel well again. He was incredibly gripey. We picked up Ava and she was cranky too. Too much fun and not enough sleep. We ended up leaving a little early because fighting the kids was too much. We had a fun weekend. Thanks for Ava’s party, John and Nancy. She had a great time!

Here she is playing one of her new games tonight – Princess Candy Land! She was the winner (for real!)!IMG_5522

We are looking forward to her actual birthday and some more celebrations that are coming soon!


PS – My friend Amy at Total Tippins Takeover is giving away a credit to Dollars and Sense! Check it out!


  1. I LOVE that Salted Caramel Frappe as well!!! Light for me too, it's SOOO good! Nah, forget the pumpkin, give me the caramel yummy goodness I say. Your family is beautiful and HB to your sweet pea!

  2. Oh the salted carmel mmm...I swear I don't taste the difference with no fat no whip! Still a yummy treat!
    I'm still sad about the hogs:(
    Princess candy land!!! Woo hoo! I swear I made my mon play candy land with me every day as a kid. And I cheated. Everytime!
    Thanks for your comment!:-) I know you can do it too! And you are gorgeous! Everytime I see a pic of you I think that you look like a Disney princess with your dark hair and blue eyes:-)


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