Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is enjoying a little extra down time this weekend. There’s just something so wonderful about a three day weekend. I LOVE having three days off instead of two – and have a four day work week isn’t bad either!
My brother, Greg, and our nephew, Luke, were in town for the weekend. Greg had a meeting to attend and he brought Luke along so we could all spend some time with him. We had dinner with them on Friday evening and Luke wasn’t too sure about us. We loved on him though!
Saturday morning we had Reed’s 1 year photos done. Our photographer makes birthday invitations for us so we had to get them done early enough for the invites to be done. Here are some sneak peaks!
 reed1year1 reed1year2 reed1year3
After that, we had to get ready for the Hogs first football game of the season!!!
Zach was gifted tickets to the game and he headed there with a buddy. We headed back to my parents’ home for dinner and to watch the game. It’s rare that all of my siblings are home at the same time, but they were this weekend and it was a great time.
We met Stephen and Leslie’s new pup, Ruby. Ava was in LOVE with Ruby. She wants her to live at our house. Poor Ruby was WORN out and the only safe place to sleep was in her crate.
My grandparents came over too so it was a really full and loud house. The only ones missing were my SIL, Kelsey (she had to work), and Zach. I wish we’d all be able to be together more.
My grandparents and their three great grand children (and a grandchild). Ava wouldn’t look. She didn’t want a picture taken. IMG_0791 
The remainder of the weekend we have been taking it easy. Reed hasn’t been feeling well for the last week. He’s had horrible diarrhea. We took him to the doctor Friday and it’s apparently just a virus. I hope it runs its course soon because we’re sick of changing poopy clothes!!!
Today has been low key and we’ve gotten lots of work done around the house! We are trying something new for dinner tonight so if it turns out good, I’ll share the recipe this week. It’s been a nice long weekend, and I’m grateful we only have to go back to work for four days.
Enjoy your week!

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