Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dallas weekend!

The weekend before last, Ava and I made a super quick, super impromptu trip to Dallas to meet up with some of our favorite girls!!

We headed out early Saturday morning and got to the big D around 11:00. While I was excited for some girl time, I knew I’d miss my boys, especially little man.  IMG_5593

We met up with Jill and Candace at Candace’s home before heading out to have some fun. It’d been way too long since I’d hugged these girls’ necks and it’s so nice to just be with friends with whom you can be 100% yourself.

Our sweet little girls had the best time playing together. When we decided to head to the mall to hit up the Disney store for some princess action, they all wanted to ride together. We hooked the little ladies up into Jill’s car and left her to fend with the hooligans sweet angels.IMG_5616

When we arrived at the mall, it was so sweet to see this girls so happy to be with each other! They had met once before but there were more people and lots more going on.

Big Ava (Ava Lea), Little Ava (Ava Mackenzie), and SophieIMG_5613


Getting some mom and Ava time in was so good for us!!!!  IMG_5596

First stop! DISNEY Store, aka Little Girl Heaven! :)IMG_5598

After letting their little hearts check out all the goodies to behold in Disney, we headed to eat lunch. Afterwards, we saw a set up for the children’s library and there was a live exhibit going on. These dncers in elaborate costumes performed and it was so neat to watch!IMG_5602IMG_5603

Sophie didn’t want to get too close so she stood back with the moms! Look at this precious face!!!!!IMG_5604

They asked for people to come dance with them and Ava Lea was ALL about it. My Ava, however, was not. She came to stand close to ensure she couldn’t get out there!      IMG_5605IMG_5607

After dancers, Ava Lea did a little shopping and I took the little girls to a toy store! They had so much fun playing!


After shopping, we went to check into our hotel. We knew the girls were going to swim later, and both Jill and I forgot floatation devices for the girls. So, while jill braved being alone with the girls again, Candace and I headed out in search of floaties. We also picked up some snacks and dinner and we had a picnic in our hotel room!!!!

This little lady cracked me up! We took this picture and she looked at it and then at me and said “You’re the prettiest!” I said, “NO! YOU’RE the prettiest!” She looked at me and batted her eyes and said, “I know!” :)     IMG_5617

After the girls ate, we headed down to check out the pool, which was an awesome one! They had a blast!  IMG_5627IMG_5629IMG_5628

After swimming, we had some more fun with glow stick glasses and wands! The girls thought it was funny to sit in the window and try to “scare” people outside the window!IMG_5801IMG_5800

We woke up the next morning and while we had some very fun times, we also had some tired girls! Poor little Sophie! :(


We headed to have brunch at a nearby restaurant that was SO good!!! We really enjoyed it!



Sweet friends!!!!!!  IMG_5638

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye and head home!!! :( Ava was pooped. She was out before we even got out of the city!!  IMG_5648 

And this little dude was sure happy to see his mommy and sister come back!!!!IMG_5654

   We had soooooo much fun!!!! I can’t wait to do it again. And next time, Kristy better join us!!!! 

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