Monday, February 17, 2014

Another week gone by

Truthfully, we didn’t do a whole lot last week. Zach had A LOT of homework so he worked on that most evenings and I worked on keeping the house up and keeping the kids quiet! Ha!

Monday afternoon my mom picked the kids up from school and they went to my grandma’s house. I found Reed in one of the rooms playing at this little table and chair! So cute!IMG_5614

That night, Reed shed his pj pants and Ava picked them up and put them on. They fit her as capris. Crazy! IMG_5615

Sometimes Ava asks me to lay down with her and sometimes I don’t say no because these moments won’t last forever. IMG_5634

Tuesday night Reed sat down to watch a Mickey Mouse before bed time and all of a sudden we found him like this. Poor guy was so tired!IMG_5646 

My favorite time of day is when I get to go pick up the kids. They are always happy then, too!! IMG_5658

Before Valentine’s Day, Ava told me she wanted heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. I surprised them that morning with red Valentine shaped pancakes!!  IMG_5679IMG_5670 

Reed had the cutest Valentine’s shirt from last year and it was a smidge small but I squeezed him into it one more time! IMG_5722

Friday evening we had to go through all the kids’ goodies from their Valentine’s parties. We found a Donald Duck and Goofy valentine with a Mickey Mouse shaped sucker and this is what Reed did when we showed him!! IMG_5744

For Valentine’s day, I had some Chicago style pizza shipped to Zach as part of his gift. He was really surprised and we enjoyed it!!!IMG_5755 

Saturday morning while Zach and Ava went to the store, Reed spent some time just lounging in his pjs watching the iPad. This boy LOVES days where we get to stay home. He calls the weekend a home day! IMG_5746

We didn’t really do much on Saturday – just picked up around the house, signed and got our taxes files and just relaxed. Ava and I played a board game Saturday night and were being goofy while doing so.IMG_5753

Sunday afternoon, Zach played golf and I did some bills, paperwork, etc. After the kids napped, we headed over to my grandma’s house because my brother and niece were there visiting!!

On Sunday Ava wore this new sweet dress my sister got her. She picked out her own clothes and this is what she picked.IMG_5760

We also got to spend some time with sweet little baby Caroline. She is beyond precious and Ava loves her so much!

And now here we are, at the start of another week again. I don’t know how time moves so quickly, but I feel like the days pass in a blur! Here’s to another good week!!

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