Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Growing up too fast


I’m reminded all too often how quickly time is passing right before my eyes. Yesterday morning as we were getting ready for school and work, Ava told me her mouth hurt. This was the second time in a week or so she had sad this. I grabbed a flashlight and told her to open up. I noticed that she had one six year molar completely in and the white caps of the other three were showing through. I can’t believe she’s already getting six year molars. She was sooooo proud to have new teeth. She wanted to tell everyone and asked Zach to tell his kids. ha! The things that make kids happy!


In other news, I’m finally getting my car fixed after it was hit last November. They got me set up with a rental. I drive an SUV and when the rental place called me to tell me they’d heard from the insurance company, that I’d be given a small car. He asked what I drove and I told him and he asked if that would work with me. I told him probably not after he told me the car they planned to give me. He called me back later and said he’d gotten them to give me an SUV. When we got there to pick it up, he told me I’d be driving a brand new dodge caravan. I didn’t really care what it was as long as it wasn’t a tiny car.IMG_5790

The kids wanted to ride with me but as I started pulling out of the parking lot, Reed started SCREAMING. I think he was very confused. He kept crying, “GET ME OUT. I WANT OUT.” all. the. way. home. It was hilarious! I have this lovely ride for the next week. Here’s hoping they get my car fixed asap! And that’s how we started our week!

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