Monday, February 3, 2014

First February Weekend

I mentioned in my last post that Zach had to work a good part of the weekend. He got home late Friday evening and had to be gone again by 7:30 the next morning.

Knowing that it was Super Bowl weekend, and with a prediction of three different winter storms coming this week, I knew the grocery store would be madness. Zach typically goes to the store on Saturday mornings but since he couldn’t, I planned to get up and got Saturday morning to be back before he left. This plan was twofold 1) To avoid the insane crowds 2) To leave the kids at home. This worked out quite well and it was the right choice!

We did make a trip to Sam’s that morning b/c the carts are bigger and we just needed two things. Much easier than a Wal-mart trip. The kids were pretty good in the morning, but I was really looking forward to nap time! :) Before the laid down, Reed and I sat in the chair for a little while. When I was changing his diaper before sitting down he said to me, “I cited to sit with you.” And cue exploding heart!IMG_5368  

That night, we attended a fundraiser for Zach’s school. We had a sitter come over and it’s funny, but Reed didn’t cry at all with her, yet he cries every single day when I drop him off at school with teachers he knows and loves. Maybe it’s because he’s in his own house? Nonetheless, I’m thankful we have a sitter that the kids love. Since Zach worked all day, we didn’t stay out incredibly late, but we had a good time playing some black jack and eating dinner and socializing. It’s always nice to get out alone regardless of what we do.IMG_5390

Sunday morning, Reed was happy to see us home again.IMG_5405

So for the last week or so, we’ve been hearing reports that there was going to be some winter weather coming along this week. There were three separate systems expected to go through, the first one being on Sunday.  I was cooking breakfast for the kids and had walked by the door about 5 minutes earlier. All of a sudden I heard, “IT’S SNOWING!” IMG_5406

And it wasn’t very long before we had a good amount of snow. From the minute she saw the first flakes fall, Ava was asking if they could go out and play. We went out later in the afternoon and they were excited! I cannot believe how much snow they’ve both already seen in their lives. IMG_5420 IMG_5422 IMG_5423

I asked the kids if they wanted to make snow angels and Ava didn’t know what that was. I told her how to do it and she wasn’t so sure about laying down in the snow, but she finally figured it out! IMG_5431 IMG_5433 IMG_5434

And her reaction when she got up and saw it! :) IMG_5436

And here is our sweet little house in the snow with our little stinkers in front of it. IMG_5418

The schools here are closed today. They closed early yesterday evening. I for one was glad they called it so early – that meant I got to sleep in today! ha! I know Zach appreciated an extra day off since he worked all day Saturday. I’ll be interested to see if we have more of this as the week passes. I was glad to have one day where we had this while I was at home. Too bad I can’t have a third day off! ;)

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  1. it seems like everyone else is getting the snow! we just got sleet & ice last week. This winter has been crazy!!!


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