Monday, February 10, 2014

The days of our lives

We had such a fun weekend! Leading up to it, we had some memorable moments last week.

Both kids have had a cold and didn’t feel so great last week. One evening, Ava laid down next to me and fell asleep on the couch. She is so sweet when she is sleeping.IMG_5507

The next morning, instead of watching Mickey Mouse before heading to school, Reed wanted to hang out with me. I had fun chatting with him while I was getting ready for work.  IMG_5516

Thursday was picture day at school. That morning, they smiled, but both kids were in pretty rotten moods and didn’t feel the greatest. Their smiles are deceiving! IMG_5529

We had ANOTHER round of snow come through on Friday evening. We made homemade pizzas. On our way home that evening, I asked Reed what kind he wanted and he answered, “a big one!”  That boy loves his pizza!IMG_5536 IMG_5544

Saturday we had plans to go to NWA to have lunch with Zach’s parents and grandma to celebrate his mom’s birthday. I needed to pick up some cookies from my mom (who was up there visiting my brother and his family), so we stopped by there for a couple minutes before. Stephen and Leslie had asked if Ava would do her Frozen performance live for them and when I told her that, she decided she needed to pack her dance clothes! IMG_5547

Ava took a few steps into the snow before we left. IMG_5551

Ava and Reed had a couple Valentine’s gifts waiting for them at Uncle Stephen’s and Aunt Leslie’s. They spoil these two.IMG_5555

I got to love on sweet baby Caroline for a few minutes. She was sleeping when we got there and I went in to see her before we left and she woke up so i got a few minutes of snuggling. She is so precious! I love that sweet baby girl so much!IMG_5561

We had a delicious lunch with Zach’s family. They are always so thoughtful to bring little gifts for the kids that they love. Ava had fun playing with her new my little pony. And Reed. Well, Reed is two and with that comes with an ornery spirit. We were eating lunch and he was just wild. After we’d eaten, I had packed up Reed’s leftovers (he barely ate), and as we were about to leave, he decided he wanted to eat. I told him the waitress had taken away his plate and he took off toward the kitchen. I had to chase him down and he almost made it in there. Kids. They never cease to embarrass you. :) He was out cold shortly after we left to drive home. IMG_5559

Sunday morning we headed to church. Actually Zach and I did. My parents were in town for the first time in a couple months and they had gone to a different service and I knew they wanted to see the kids Sunday, so I asked them if they’d come over and watch them while we went to church. it was nice not having a wrestling match with Reed for a weekend. :)

After lunch, I let the kids have part of their heart cookies my mom had gotten for them.   IMG_5585

It’s a shame Reed has no personality. IMG_5589IMG_5590

I had asked my mom to stop and pick up the sugar cookies we love to give some to my MIL who I know loves them as much as I do! What I didn’t expect was for mom to get us a package. She also had a bag of homemade donuts for us. Zach and I thought we’d try to hide the donuts from the kids, but they remembered them.IMG_5569

While Reed took a nap, Ava rested and then was ready to paint in her new book.IMG_5599 

When Reed woke up from his nap, we had to laugh at him because he had some crazy hair.IMG_5605

We have more winter weather coming in. This has been the harshest winter I remember having in terms of the number of significant snow storms. Hopefully this will be the last one for a while. Have a happy week, friends!

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  1. My kiddos grandparents always spoil them, too. Even events like Valentine's Day get lots of goodies. :) I love it!


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