Sunday, February 2, 2014

Last week’s events

Last week was National Catholic Schools Week so there were many special days and activities scheduled for the kids at school.

First up was pajama day. Who doesn’t love wearing their pjs all day? I wish I could’ve worn mine that day, too. IMG_5230

Reed was sweet that night and sat with me for a while. I don’t always get snuggles so when I do, I cherish them! IMG_5259

Tuesday was Student Appreciation Day and Ava’s class went on a field trip to another of the schools in town and they saw a concert. It was really cute and they loved it. Ava’s teacher texted me on Monday and asked if there was any way I could drive b/c they needed one more. Fortunately I was able to take an early lunch and drive them. They were some happy and excited kiddos!IMG_5264

That night was Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a so we had dinner there after gymnastics. Of course, we loved that. IMG_5307

Wednesday night Reed told me he wanted  to take a picture. So when we tried, this is what happened.IMG_5327


Then he and Ava both sat on my lap to look at some baby pictures of Ava. Any time I have both babies in my lap, I am a happy momma! IMG_5325

Thursday at school was dress like a fairytale character, superhero, etc. Of course Ava was all about that. I tried to talk her out of wearing the hair with her costume, but there was no chance that was happening.  IMG_5330IMG_5334

Friday we were just glad it was the end of the week! IMG_5354

Zach had to work all weekend because it was the weekend for All-Region Clinic. We had people over and out of all the kids, Reed was the only one who sat to eat his pizza. Don’t mess with Reed and pizza! IMG_5356

So that catches you up on our week last week. It was a fun one. Next up will be our weekend recap, including the lovely snow we got!!

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