Thursday, February 27, 2014

Midweek randoms

This week is flying by, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!! We’ve had a good week so far, and have been busy!

Sunday afternoon while Zach was at his rehearsal, I took the kids out to play for a bit. Reed was so happy to take his lawn mower outside.IMG_5879 IMG_5877

Monday night Ava was sitting down after her bath and was watching something on the iPad. I asked her if she wanted me to read her a book. She looked at me and said “no thanks!” haha! IMG_5891 Reed heard me ask her that and he took me up on the offer so we read three Mickey Mouse books :)

Tuesday I got to school to pick the kids up and when I walked in, the kids remaining in Reed’s class were all sitting on the carpet and each child had a musical instrument and they were going to have a “band”. Reed saw me and got mad! I guess he didn’t want to leave so he could play his instrument. So he dropped his violin, and he crawled under this chair.IMG_5895 

Then he got out and decided to try and play his instrument before we had to leave.IMG_5900 It makes me laugh that most mornings he screams and cries when I leave, and lately, he does the same when I pick him up. He doesn’t want to stay and then he doesn’t want to go. :)

I got a new storage cabinet for our living room and Zach put it together Tuesday evening. The kids were intrigued and both wanted to try to use the “bam bam” hammer (as Reed calls it) to help. Reed hit hard and he missed and hit Zach’s fingers! It was too funny because he said “I missed!”IMG_5909 IMG_5911   

I had a meeting at school last night and had a short period between work and the meeting, so we had a quick dinner before my meeting so I could see the kids for a bit. We had everyone’s favorite (Mexican)! Reed is a cheese dip lover!IMG_5929

This week has gone by quickly and I’m ready that we’re closing in on the weekend!!!


  1. I love Reed and his little mower, he can come cut our grass anytime! :)

  2. My week has flown by, too! I'm so thankful! I hate this time of year--tax season!!!


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