Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

Well, we have another successful Halloween in the books! :) It was a fun one!

Grant had a fall festival at his school on Thursday and got to wear his costume! Isn’t this the cutest mummy you’ve ever seen?!IMG_7129 

On Friday, Reed got to dress up for his Halloween party also. He was Captain Jake and he was SO excited about his party!IMG_7156

I got to go to just a few minutes of his party and he was so happy to see me there!!IMG_7162 

They played pin the eyeball on the monster and Reed cracked me up because he was way off when he started!IMG_7180 IMG_7192

On actual Halloween day, we went to the Trunk or Treat at the kids’ school. As I was getting the pictures of the kids photos taken, I went to put Grant in Ava’s lap and she said “Ew! What’s that?!” The cutest mummy had a blow out so we had to do a quick wash of the mummy outfit before we left. IMG_7246

Ava was an Olympic gold medalist gymnast!IMG_7247 IMG_7248 

They made these adorable pumpkin spiders at Reed’s school so I wanted a photo of him with his. Instead of looking at me, he just wanted to grab it. He’s been grabbing things a lot more lately so I have a feeling this is the new normal.IMG_7255 IMG_7341

Trunk or Treat had some fun games for the kids, as well as photos, face painting and of course trick or treating! Since we’d had so much rain, it was inside and they had the halls of school decorated a little scary and then they got to trick or treat at classroom doors. They had a great time!IMG_7334 KidsHalloween ReedMaggieHalloween15

When we got home, Reed was exhausted. He fell asleep eating his pizza and I joked that this was his second costume of the night – a passed out frat boy! hahaha!!!!IMG_7345

And here are Caroline and Ainsley in their costumes. Stephen said they had a fun Halloween!Girls Ainsley Caroline


  1. Such sweet memories! Loved all the costumes.

  2. Everyone looks so cute in their costumes!! Sounds like all had a blast :-)

  3. Adorable costumes !!!

  4. Is that a real pumpkin?! Such a cute idea!


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