Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Zach and I went to the kids’ school to have lunch with them for their family thanksgiving feast. Reed was so happy to have us there to eat with him.  When we walked past the drinks, he was so cute and held out his little hand and said, “Here are some tea and water if you want some.” Precious boy. Ava was excited, too. IMG_8092IMG_8093 

Reed has been practicing writing his name at school and we worked on it this weekend, too. He is so proud that he can write it and spell it.IMG_8117

Zach was gone most of the day Saturday. The kids and I had a quiet lazy day at home. I cleaned the house and while Grant took a nap, so did I!

Reed told his teacher last week he wished I would let him hold Grant more. He’s never really asked to hold him before so I told him to just ask me when he wanted to. Then he said he just wants to hold him alone. So we let him do that a little this weekend.IMG_8129

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. I wanted to run to Target afterward because I needed to look at a couple things. Reed went with me and I got him a hot chocolate at Starbucks. He was pretty excited! We had a good little time together.IMG_8146IMG_8155

I decided that since the house was in good shape, I wanted to go ahead and decorate for Christmas. I want to be able to enjoy my four days off without having much to do. I’m so glad it’s done and it didn’t really take all that long. I had a lot of extra help with the tree this year. :)

IMG_8159 IMG_8157

I am so grateful that this is a short work week. I can totally handle three days. I’m also thankful my work closes both Thursday and Friday! I’m looking forward to having an enjoyable and hopefully a little restful weekend!


  1. Love that Reed can write his name, so precious!!! We decorate for Christmas this weekend too, and like you, I like that it's done and I can enjoy the long weekend with family. I think ours will involve lots of Christmas movies and relaxing...I hope anyways! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! I'm jealous as I have a ton to do this four day weekend. Always the case. Some day I hope to have a more relaxing break. Like you, I get both days off paid for the first time in years and I'm very grateful.

  3. We are going to get our tree Sunday and my kids can't wait! :) Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Sarah.


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