Thursday, November 5, 2015

Randomness from the last couple weeks

One morning I went to get Reed out of the car for school and he hopped down like this.IMG_6965 He wore his sunglasses inside with his jacket collar popped and when he walked in his classroom, all his classmates laughed and he whipped off his glasses like Joe Cool and then he got embarrassed so he put them back on!

I got Reed and apple to eat the other night and I came back to the kitchen and saw them lined up like this on the table. I just wanted to remember this because these are the little things we forget so easily. IMG_6976 

This sweet boy loves his bath!!! He’s getting too big for this little bath tub!IMG_6977 

One of the nights Zach was working last week, I had Grant laying on my bed while I was folding clothes, and he stuck his fingers in his mouth, and fell asleep!! Sweet boy.IMG_6989 

Sometimes these two can play so nicely together. It doesn’t last long though.IMG_7003 

Last Thursday night we were on our way home and I told the kids we should drive by to see how the new playground by our house was coming. We were so surprised to see that it was finished! Sometimes life should be interrupted to play on a playground so that’s what we did.IMG_7135 IMG_7140 IMG_7141 IMG_7144

Sunday morning I was getting ready for church and Grant was fussing in his bed. I told Ava to go turn on the light and talk to him, and when I went to get him, this is how I found him! He’s a good sport!IMG_7359

And finally, we had our family photos done on Halloween morning and this was a preview of one our photographer shared. The rest of them are just as incredible and I will share them soon!!IMG_7360

Are y’all as glad as I am that tomorrow is Friday??!?!


  1. Sad how much I live my life for Friday's! Just wish we didn't have so much going on every.single.weekend! Ugh! Joe Cool is awesome. That crib photo with all those stuffed animals is HILARIOUS!! Yay for new playgrounds, I'm sure they will get a ton of use out of that. As I told you on FB, that photo of the kids is beautiful. Can't wait to see more. Have an awesome weekend gal!

  2. We need our family photos done too ! The photo of the 3 children together is adorable !

  3. your little family is adorable! love the toe eating pictures :) baby toes are my favorite ever!


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