Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nine Years

Happy Anniversary to my love! Today we’ve been married nine years.jwedding1

It feels like a lifetime ago that we got married, and yet it hardly feels like it’s been nine years.


This man is my rock. My best friend. I love him with my whole entire being and love the life we’ve built together. He makes me laugh. He sometimes makes me cry. He drives me crazy. He knows what I need without telling him. He’s a fantastic partner. I truly couldn’t have hoped for a better husband.


Zach, I love you, and I love the life we are living together. Thank you for loving me at my best and at my worst. Thank you for being there for me no matter what and for sharing your heart with mine. I am so proud to be your wife – from the way you love our kids, to the way you serve at church and school, to the way you lead our family and the way you trust Jesus and remind me to do the same. Happy anniversary, babe – can’t wait for a hundred more!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Love your top in these photos!

  2. Awww Happy Anniversary! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy 9th Anniversary. Wishing you many many more

  4. Happy Anniversary! I cannot believe that was 9 yrs ago either! Wow!


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