Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lake Weekend Part II

We had a lot of kids who were early wakers on Saturday morning so we just hung out in the living room for a while. Katie wanted to hold “baby Grant” so we let her do that for a while!IMG_6728 

The kids thought the stairs were a fun place to hang out so Hamaw sat guard there for a while!IMG_6734 

We attempted going back out to do some activities but Saturday was MUCH colder and there was a strong breeze coming off the lake that made it downright cold!IMG_6735 

Grant loved being outside on Friday but had to stay in most of Saturday as it was just too windy for him.


We took the kids’ nerf guns and bow and arrows and they had a blast shooting them at Uncle Greg who also had a blast shooting them like a nine year old ;) The kids were hiding at the top of the stairs and would shoot at Greg when he emerged and he would shoot them back. We even left an arrow stuck to one of the VERY high windows at the cabin!IMG_6737 

These two girls had a little bit of an off weekend. Ainsley ended up having a double ear infection, poor girl. IMG_6740 

Caroline is very stingy with her smiles. It doesn’t happen often or even freely. I bribed her with a piece of cake for this smile!IMG_6748 

Making good on my promise!IMG_6750 IMG_6752 

The bottom floor of the cabin had another living area that was the perfect place for the kids to sit down at naptime and watch a movie! The boys were especially impressed to discover that the ends of the couch reclined!

IMG_6754 IMG_6757  

I Painted Caroline’s nails for her and she looked miserable the whole time I was doing it, but I promise she loved it!IMG_6774 

Aunt Kelsey brought some fun things to occupy the kids, including these mustaches. They were hilarious!!!!IMG_6762IMG_6782 IMG_6784 IMG_6785 

She also brought some pumpkin cookies for the kids to decorate. They loved it!IMG_6786 IMG_6789 IMG_6790 IMG_6792 

Caroline loved eating the frosting off of hers – she kept asking for more!IMG_6793 

Since Greg and Kelsey live so far away, we decided to celebrate all the kids’ fall birthdays this weekend. They waited and waited for the time to open presents and boy were they excited!IMG_6811

I think this was my favorite photo all weekend! Reed saw Luke open up a present he thought he would like and want and this is the reaction he had to it!IMG_6856 

That day was Stephen’s birthday and we celebrated that, too. IMG_6828 

Uncle Greg brought some tame fireworks (sparklers and poppers) for the kids to do outside. They had a blast doing it!IMG_6830 IMG_6836 IMG_6848 IMG_6850 

It was a nice, relaxing weekend and I could tell it was good for every member of our family. There were smiles and laughter and just a time of quiet after some incredibly hard and hectic months.

IMG_6860 IMG_6865 

Before we left, we attempted to take a photo of all the kiddos and these were as good as we could get!IMG_6917 IMG_6925 

Me and my youngest brother, NickIMG_6926 

Me and all my brothers!IMG_6928

When we got home, the kids were exhausted and both of the big kids actually went to bed really early. This sweet boy enjoyed having some Momma time to himself that night!IMG_6944

We had a great time and it was a great weekend away!!


  1. Those mustaches are great!!! When Caroline smiles, I see so much of Stephen! Too cute!

  2. I love seeing everyone. Katie and Luke look so much like their mama!! The Sisti genes are strong in yours and Stephen's kiddos, but Katie is the spitting image of her Mama. Sweet pictures and great memories.

  3. Looks like a great time with family ! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos!

  4. Would you mind sharing where you stayed? We are looking for something similar for an upcoming family vacation! Thx!!

  5. So fun! I am thrilled y'all were able to get away together. Thinking about your family as the holiday season approaches!

  6. So nice to get away with your family, so hard to do now that we are adults! That pouty face is too funny over the gift- he lets his feelings be known!


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