Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 - The Year in Review

2008 has been a very exciting year for us. I wanted to take the time to recap what we went through this year, month by month.

January 25 - We're pregnant! We found out on this day that I was indeed pregnant - after all, THREE home pregnancy tests wouldn't lie would they?


February 12 - We saw Ava's little heart beat for the very first time. Unfortunately, the u/s machine in the dr's office was broken and couldn't print pictures so we did not get a picture of her little heart. We were also told that there were possibly two heart beats floating around in there. (Unfortunately, I have no corresponding picture for February.)


March 20 - After a tortorous 5 week wait, it was confirmed that we were only having one baby and we got our very first picture of our sweet baby girl! It was also at this point that we finally got to start sharing our good news!


April 18 - Zach turns 24!!


May 22 - It's a Girl!!!!!!!


I finished classes for my Master's degree in May, and my graduation was in June.

We picked a name and the nursery is done!


August 25 - I celebrated my "golden" birthday - 25 on the 25th!


September 19 - Happy birthday, Ava!!!!


October 26 - Ava is baptized!!


November 17 - Mommy went back to work and Ava went to her very first day of day care.

December 25 - Our first Christmas with a baby!

Thank you Lord for an incredibly blessed 2008! None of this would have been possible without You. We can't wait to see what You have waiting for us in 2009!


  1. Yay! What a great year y'all had! :) And a great idea for a post, too! You know I'll be copying that!

    See you Sunday?

    Have a great Monday!

  2. I LOVE the pic of Ava laying on her tummy. :) So sweet!


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