Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I like "Wordless Wednesday"! I've seen it somewhere else, too, and think I'll follow suit! :)

    p.s. Your BFF Natalie is subbing next door to me! She's very sweet! :)

  2. Hey Sarah...I just came across your blog on Jennifer McKinney's. I am so glad I found it!! Ava is getting so big!!! How is AOG??

  3. She is so cute and growing like a weed. We are so happy for you. She is a lot of fun...Right? It even gets better as she grows up...just wait and see, then you will agree.

  4. Hey Sarah...just have to ask...Is the Jerl Dean who left a comment from Springdale? I was friends with a guy in HS whose mom was named Jerl Dean and spelled just like that!


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