Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick weekend

So another weekend gone. Boo! It will be especially hard to go back to work tomorrow because I know that all day long I will be thinking of Zach and Ava at home having fun! At least I get some time off with them later in the week.

So, it's been a fun weekend. Friday we had dinner with our good friends, Iva and Bobby and their son Logan. We always have a wonderful time with them and enjoy their company tremendously. Iva and I spent a portion of the evening defending ourselves to our husbands about the difference between reading blogs and stalking! They are convinced that is what we do, but we disagree. (Sally, I wish your family had been here too! Miss you guys!)

We spent Saturday finishing up our preparations for Christmas. All of the gifts are wrapped and under the tree and we are ready to go. My aunt's family was in town this weekend and my grandma had our entire family (lots of people!) over to see them. Her oldest son (my cousin) is a senior at West Point this year and so we've only seen him a handful of times (mostly at Christmas) the last few years. However, the night was not so enjoyable for us. For some reason Ava just couldn't keep it together. We don't know if she didn't feel well or if she was just scared and overwhelmed, but she cried and screamed and couldn't calm herself down, so we basically ate and left. I hope that we have better luck with her at our Christmas celebrations.

We got up early this morning and went to church and then ran a few errands. Zach finished up some of his Christmas shopping while Ava and I napped. When he got home, Ava and I headed off to my parent's house so Zach could wrap presents. My mom always bakes Christmas cookies and she hates decorating her sugar cookies, so I always help her decorate them. I did that today while my dad played with Ava.

And now some sleepy pictures of Ava:

She feels good after a good night's sleep

This cracks me up - what a ham!

So for over a year now, I've been on the hunt for a nice Nativity set. We grew up seeing my Mom's out every year, and I knew I'd get one when I was out on my own. However, I've never really found one that I've just seen and knew that I wanted it. I saw one last year that I liked well enough and when I went back to buy it, it was gone. So, I figured I'd just wait. Well, I was out yesterday and I stopped into this little shop and I found one! I saw it and after about 2 seconds I told the lady I'd take it! Not only was it gorgeous, but it was priced at a steal! I couldn't believe my good luck! This picture hardly does it justice, but it will work for now.

Okay, I'm off to spend the rest of the evening with my family! I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas week!


  1. LOVE that pose! What a little sweetie!

  2. Ava looks so happy! It's so hard going to work when it seems like noone else has to around the Holidays. I feel ya!

  3. Thanks Sarah for taking up for us once again about our blog viewing habit! We had such a good time with you guys and it's always fun being around Ava, the Princess! She's such a doll!! - Iva

  4. Sarah, I've enjoying catching up on my "stalking!" I got behind while we were traveling and visiting in OK. Wish we were there with you and the Gregorys the other night too! Tell Ava "Happy 3 Month Birthday!" She sure is precious!



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