Friday, December 19, 2008

Wasn't it just yesterday?

Ava is three months old today and it feels like it's gone by in the blink of an eye. Seriously? Already? She's a quarter of a year old!!! It amazes me how the time just speeds on by. I am LOVING the stage Ava is in right now. She's SO SO happy and so sweet and I love just being with her. Every day she surprises or amuses us with something and each day is a new adventure but we are loving every moment and milestone.

Ava's Accomplishments @ 3 months old:
  • She has discovered her feet and tries to grab at them
  • She tries to grab at EVERYTHING!
  • She talks and talks and talks - her daddy has said he's scared she's going to be a big talker like her mommy!
  • When she is propped up, she tries to pull herself up into a sitting position.
  • She tries so hard to roll from her back to her stomach - she can make it about half way. (I'm not quite sure why she wants to do this b/c she HATES tummy time and screams when I put her on her tummy. She usually just rolls over to her back)
  • She is starting to have sounds with her laughs/grins.

Things I Love about Ava @ this age:

  • Her "talking"
  • Her determination in accomplishing tasks
  • The way she snuggles in to my body when she's really tired and wants to go to sleep
  • The way she smiles at me when I go get her in the middle of the night
  • The way she is mesmerized by ceiling fans
  • The way she can be crying when we put her in her carseat but stops every time she hears us open the garage door
  • The way she smells after her bath
  • The way she stretches each morning after we unswaddle her
  • Her sweet little lamb cry
  • Her quivering chin when she cries
  • Her big, beautiful, blue eyes
  • How she smiles and talks at/to her "friends" when we put her in her swing
  • How she grins and grins at her daddy
  • Her strong nature
These of course are only some of the things I love about my sweet daughter. I could never list them all! The last three months have been a roller coaster ride and after our rough start I never thought we'd have the happy days we are having. I am so thankful for her finally feeling better and being happy!

Trying her very hardest to roll from her back to her tummy

We picked her up from playing and she had a little plumber's crack!

Waking up on her 3 month birthday!

Happy girl!!

Happy 3 month birthday, Ava! Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives!


  1. Happy 3-months Ava!!! :)

    Love the crack...Caroline gets it too! Caroline woke up in the exact same blue lamb PJs this morning! This is SO exciting to see them growing up and doing the same things at the same time!

    Have a great Friday!

  2. We love our lil Ava. :) Happy 3 months! Time sure does fly. She is sooo pretty.


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