Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tomorrow is a Sad Day for Mommy

So, I haven't felt much like posting the past couple days, and I don't know why - maybe it's the weather? Anyway, I guess I'll get over that and get with it today. The rest of our weekend was good, minus that Zach was still not feeling well and had to go to the dr. He got some good meds to help him recover. I'm glad he went when he did because he's going to need his energy for tomorrow.

Why you ask?

Because as sad as it makes me, I will be spending the night away from my two favorite people in the whole world, and Zach will be Super Daddy handling Ava all by himself. Now some people may think, what's the big deal? Yes, Zach can take care of her perfectly fine; that's not the issue - I am just really upset that I have to leave my not even 3 month old baby for a night! I won't see her for almost TWO days. By the time I get home on Thursday night, she will be in her fussy time or napping, and won't even realize I am back. So, where am I going? We are implementing a new system at work and I have to attend a training course in Oklahoma City with one of my employees. We are leaving tomorrow around noon and will be home Thursday night. Yes, I will get to miss being at work, and I will get to go shopping and have nice meals on someone else's dime, and I will even get a FULL night of UNINTERRUPTED sleep (sorry, Zach), but I will still be away from my sweet baby! I wish that this could have been done at a later date but we have to be ready to roll by January 1 so to training I must go. Boo! I'm sure Ava won't even know I'm gone - but I will. :(

I'm going to miss this sweet face. She's in her "softball uniform" - I think those cheeks get bigger every day!
Over the weekend we did our first "art project" at home. I found this little kit that we used to make a Christmas ornament of Ava's handprints! It tooks us several times to get the handprints just right, but I love how it turned out!!
The left one isn't as good as the right one, but the right one was the best one we got after about five attempts, so we went with it.

I hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. Aww, Sarah...I feel for you! I'm not sure how I'd feel about leaving Caroline over night...well, I do know...I'd be crying I'm sure! I met your soon-to-be SIL at Caroline's 4-month checkup today! She examined Caroline and was SO nice! :) Check out our blog for her updated stats! :) Good luck, Momma!

  2. I love the ornament! Best of luck tomorrow night. I know how you feel. :-(

  3. That's hard...no matter when it has to happen! I guess you can be happy a/b the fact that's it's only 1 night for the first time and not more? Be safe and enjoy your full night of rest while you're away. And know that b/w her early father and her Heavenly Father...she's in GOOD hands! We'll say a prayer for peace of mind while you're gone. Xoxo

  4. her eyes are so gorgeous! i love that ornament, too... hope your night away went well.


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