Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ava Hanging Out

Ava has been enjoying her time away from day care. She's been staying at home with her Daddy and has been spending lots of time playing with her toys. She is really starting to enjoy many of the toys she has, and it's fun to watch her explore new things.

Playing on her new toy she got from Zach's aunt and grandma

Sweet face!

Her daddy let her take a nap on Mom and Dad's bed

Enjoying her swing with her teddy - she loves talking to her "friends" on the side of her swing!

She is also getting really good at grabbing things and holding on!! She especially likes Mommy's hair!

Last but not least is a video of Ava rolling over! She's had this perfected for about two months. Sometimes we lay her down on her tummy and she's over in seconds. These days she's trying very hard to roll from her back to her tummy. She can get about halfway over but her arms get stuck and she can't quite figure out how to get it done. Being as determined as she is, it won't take much longer!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! She's a real go-getter on the rolling over! Caroline hates tummy-time so much, that I doubt we'll ever see a tummy to back rollover. She's also not to anxious to roll from back to tummy, either. Way to go, Ava!

    Also, we LOVE the Fisher Price Rainforest animals...they are Caroline's best buddies...especially the red tree frog! Check out her latest video to see her talking to the Rainforest creatures! :)


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