Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back in the saddle

Whew! It is cold outside! Sorry for the lack of updates.. the bloggy world stops when Mom is sick. That's right, I was unable to escape the current round of sickness in our household. We've all had something different. I hate despise being sick and avoid it at all costs. And usually when I am sick it takes a lot to keep me down, but whatever I got kept me down. I felt awful and had a fever and was pretty much just blah. I went to the walk-in clinic Sunday morning to make sure I didn't have the flu, and I didn't thankfully. Instead, it was just some random 24 hour virus or what not. I didn't feel good yesterday either and even took the day off from work. Yesterday was the first day since I started this job over two years ago that I called in sick. I didn't even call in sick during my whole pregnancy, and there were definitely days I could have. I stayed in bed until 2:30 yesterday afternoon and finally felt a little more human after that. But, anyway, we're back and running, and hopefully everyone can stay healthy from here on out.

Miss Ava had to get her shots this afternoon. :( I'm so not good at seeing my baby hurt. The one thing I dislike about our pediatrician is that they won't give shots in his office. Therefore, we had to go to the germ factory health clinic. Well, they now require an appointment for shots. I did not know this so when I called to schedule her 2 month shots, today was the first opening they had. So, she's a little behind, but her dr's office has said that is ok. Anyway, apparently our appointment meant nothing - it was almost an hour later that she got her shots. And she didn't like it one bit!

Sometimes I feel this blogging is in vain - do we have readers out there? We'd love to hear from you because it's nice to know who is keeping up with us. Leaving a comment is super easy and can be done even if you don't have a blog or an account. We appreciate you stopping by and would like to know who you are. Also, we'd like to visit your page too (if you have one) and it's hard to do that with no comments. Give this girl a piece of mind that the time she puts into this isn't for nothing! And thank you to the loyal commenters - you are greatly appreciated!

And now some food for thought - this looks like something I would do and find humorous!


  1. I'm reading! I'm reading! I check for updates each day, sometimes more than once! Keep blogging!

  2. Hey girl! You know I'm out here! :) You should also check out "The Secret is in the Sauce"...click on the button on my blog. Just go there, read it, and you'll understand why!

    Glad you feel better. I completely understand how you felt about the shots. 4 months is no fun either, and I hear that they just get worse. :(

    See you Sunday? Baby Andrew is being baptized and we are Godparents!! His parents are Caroline's Godparents...so does that make Caroline and Andrew Godcousins? :)


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