Friday, December 26, 2008

Ava's First Christmas

Ava's first Christmas is over! We had a wonderful time celebrating this wonderful holiday with our little girl. On Tuesday evening we traveled to see Zach's family for the holidays. We celebrated Tuesday night with one side of his family. Ava was a little out of sorts and very upset most of the evening. She didn't want anything to do with anyone except her mommy and daddy. She did calm down and was much better the next day. We spent Christmas Eve with the other side of Zach's family. Ava made out like a bandit - our car was so full on the way home I don't think we could have fit anything else in there!

Ava chilling on Christmas Eve morning

After leaving we headed home and went to my grandma's for the Christmas Eve celebration there. One of my favorite traditions from Christmas Eve is that we always have a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Each of the little kids always gets their own candle to burn out and I look forward to Ava having a candle to blow out in the future! She was good for most of the evening until she just got so downright tired she threw a hissy fit. She's a very curious girl and is always concerned she just might miss something! She finally calmed down and slept on my mom the rest of the night. We ventured to Midnight Mass and she slept soundly in her carseat like an angel the entire time! That was the best she's ever behaved in church!

Sleeping during Midnight Mass - she's pulling blankets over her face alot these days

Not so happy when she got home from Midnight Mass

We woke up Christmas morning and had Christmas at our house! Santa was very good to Ava (as were Mommy and Daddy)! She really shouldn't need too many toys for a while! After we had our Christmas we headed over to my parent's house to have our Christmas with them before the rest of the family showed up for Christmas lunch. Ava didn't show much interest in any of her gifts except for one my parents got her. They got her this little doll that giggles and Ava just stared at that thing for a minute and then started laughing at it. She liked that a baby finally "talked" back to her! She had another "scared" episode yesterday and finally fell asleep on my parent's bed with the help of a bottle. I sure hope we outgrow this stage soon!

Merry Christmas! Waking up on Christmas morning

Is it time to open presents yet?!

Mommy and Ava by the tree

Daddy and Ava by the tree

Ava with all of her presents

Ava checking out her loot

We had a wonderful holiday - we hope you did too!

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