Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm a Survivor..

Well, I made it my first night away from my baby - and boy was it hard! I cried on Wednesday morning while I fed Ava her bottle before leaving. I did okay when I dropped her off (but I sure bit my lip hard to keep the tears from coming again!). I went to see her right before I left and I held on and hugged extra tight.

Me and my sweet girl before I left - look at the semi-grin!

That night was really hard on me. After we got done around OKC and returned to our hotel, it was the hardest. My hotel room was so quiet and it made me lonely. I called and checked in and of course that made me cry. I definitely am not cut out for traveling often and being away! I also cried Thursday morning - I called to see how they were doing and Ava was crying too, and when Zach put me on speaker phone and she heard me, she stopped crying for just a minute. That of course made my day. I was SO glad to be home - I was a woman on a mission and just prayed that there were no cops out to catch me! Thankfully I made it home safe and sound, and got to see my baby before she fell asleep!

While I was gone, I did manage to have a little fun. We spent a little time shopping, and I got to eat at two of my favorite restaurants: Abuelo's and Ted's. Seriously, these are the best! It was nice to get out and do a few things baby-free, but I would never want this to be a regular occurrence (at least not yet)!

The poor little girl is still fighting a cold - hopefully she'll get over it soon. Last week was mostly just congestion, and this week it turned to the cold. Remarkably, she's been the best baby she's ever been this week while being sick - go figure!


  1. Awww...I dread the day I have to leave Caroline overnight. Sounds like you made it through pretty well...a trip to Ted's can make anyone feel a little better! :)

  2. your little one has beautiful eyes! glad you made it safely

  3. First let me say that Ava is gorgeous...BEAUTIFUL eyes!! And to answer your question. Yes..I am related to Dennis..he's my father-in-law. My husband, Brad, is his step-son. His mom married Dennis when Brad was 4 so Dennis has, in a way, been more like a bio Dad to Brad than a step-dad. Small world! I'll have to tell him that you asked about it!!

  4. p.s. I just noticed your "tag" from Jen and remembered I needed to get on that...ha! Thanks for the reminder!


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