Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Birthday fun and Reed’s surgery

Another birthday come and gone! I’m THIRTY! ha! Doesn’t really feel much different! Here are a few picture highlights of my weekend!

 IMG_1319 IMG_1331 IMG_1334 IMG_1378 IMG_1382 IMG_1407

We celebrate birthdays at work, and milestone birthdays are celebrated especially big! I knew something would be coming, but lately, WHEN is the question. I thought I’d get there yesterday morning to a decorated office. I walked in and there was nothing. My friend/boss came in and said I owed her b/c she’d decided to save it all up for HER boss who has a milestone birthday in November. I thought, okay, but didn’t quite believe her because she loves to get people! She told there would be cake that afternoon.

Before I get to the surprise, I need to mention that Reed’s cyst got infected again over the weekend. I noticed it on Saturday morning and immediately called the doctor. We started him on an antibiotic, and are desperately praying he will be okay for surgery Wednesday. He must take his medicine three times a day and I knew that I couldn’t ask his teachers to give it to him b/c of how we have to wrestle him to get it in him. I planned on just running over there and giving it to him, but I left it at home. Knowing he couldn’t afford to miss a dose, I went home to get it (and his lunch which we also forgot this morning), and when I got back, they had done a quick decorating job and were waiting for me!!!! IMG_1434IMG_1437 IMG_1446

My boss loves to bake and made this adorable “30” cake for me. It was so good too!!!


I think my FAVORITE thing though was these cups! My boss turned 40 earlier this year and her husband had a surprise party for her with a photo booth. We took a picture with all the people from work and I put on these crazy glasses and was being silly! I knew when these came back that this photo would resurface for my birthday! They printed it on a label and put them on these cups!!!!!! HILARIOUS!


It was a fun day and I was so thankful I walked back into that b/c I had left Reed at school crying “mama, go home!” and I was so upset about him. I was fighting back tears and probably would have gone back to my desk and cried when I walked into the fun!

As for Reed, his cyst seems to have abscessed again. I’m not sure what this means for his surgery. We are waiting to hear from the surgeon’s office about our next steps. We covet any prayers for our sweet boy as we desperately need to get this cyst out of him. I will update when we know more.


  1. LOVE these pictures! Love your shirt and I Love Reed's plain plants. Soooo stinkin' cute! Hope you had a GREAT birthday girl!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday once again! and I am praying and hoping that Reed gets some relief soon!


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