Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reed Funnies

These days, Reed is talking up a storm and he is SO funny. This is a for mommy post, meaning this is really for me so I can remember all these things when he’s grown!

  • Whenever he can’t find someone, he blames someone for taking it and says “Daddy take paci” or “A-yuh take night night”. It’s quite comical.
  • Whenever someone is gone and we ask where they went, he’ll usually say “they go bye-bye”. Then we’ll ask him where they went and he always says “al-mar” (wal-mart). Funny kid!

This video is actually a combo of both of these things!

  • He is excited about his new cousin Baby Caroline and I looooove the way he says her name!!

  • He says he “needs” something. “I need my mom.” “I need more cheese.”
  • I love it when i ask him something and he says “I think so mommy”.
  • He says please and thank you very well.
  • If someone is going to the bathroom, he says “I go potty” and will sit on the little potty. He also tells us he has poo-poo anytime he goes to the bathroom.
  • His favorite Mickey Mouse episode has a song that says bam-bam goes my hammer, so he calls his toy hammers his “bam-bams”.
  • He tells us he loves us and its the sweetest thing.
  • When he gets in trouble by one of us, he immediately “needs” his other parent

This age is definitely trying, but it’s also so fun. I love seeing him learn new things and I love that he is able to communicate so well with us!

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