Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catch up!

So, when we last left off, the kids had just started school. I put together this comparison of Ava from her first day the last three school years, and it’s crazy how much she has changed.


We had a good weekend! The kids like it when we get to stay home in the morning and they can have a hot breakfast. Their favorite right now is eggs and cinnamon toast.


We headed out to a local favorite Mexican place for dinner Saturday night. Reed practically drank a bowl of salsa and Ava was just happy to be out. I love that they are old enough to sit by each other at dinner (most of the time!). Ava took a pretty good pic of me and Zach too!


I went to tuck Reed into bed that evening and he just had the biggest, sweetest smile on his face. Too bad he started screaming about 20 minutes late because he didn’t want to go to bed!


Sunday I hosted a baby shower for our family to celebrate one of our new little additions, Caroline. My sweet SIL Leslie is due in October with her first baby so our family gathered to give them some goodies! Caroline’s middle name is Rose and it inspired this lovely rosette cake!


I don’t want to share many details yet because I know Leslie will be sharing some on her blog. For now, the other photo I will share are these yummy cookies. These are the best cookies ever! Seriously. They are close to my mom and dad’s new house and that’s dangerous. I love them!!!


After the shower, all the girl cousins went over to play at my grandma’s, and of course, Ava thought she had to go too. I went home and cleaned up and then took Reed back with me to get her so Zach could do some work. My grandma thinks anyone who walks through her door has to eat. Even though Reed had already had dinner, he ate some homemade applesauce. He also doesn’t let anyone feed him, but he sure let her feed him that!


It’s already getting busy with lots of evening meetings for the beginning of the school year. Zach had one Monday night, and we both have one at the kids’ school tonight at different times. Let the school year begin!


Zach’s band room got a makeover this summer and the kids and stopped by to see him and it on Monday before we went to school, so we stopped by before his Monday meeting to see it and to let the kids seem for a bit. Reed has decided the percussion instruments are pretty cool. At one point, he sat this mallet down, reached for a big sledgehammer type thing & said “I need bam-bam”. I’m pretty sure I know where that bam-bam was headed and we put a stop to it. 


After dinner the other night, I let the kids split a leftover cookie from the shower. I’m pretty sure Reed was like a cookie monster! ha!


One last picture for the memory books. Every morning, once we get past where the cars drive, I let go of hands and the kids run. Reed mimics EVERYTHING Ava does, so they both run down the corridor yelling “I win!” Love those two goof balls so much!


And that pretty much catches you up on our week! Hope you’re having a good one!!!

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