Friday, August 9, 2013

First Five on Friday!

I’ve loved reading all the Five on Friday posts so I decided to join in and play today!


1. The biggest and best news from this week is that Reed is feeling better!!! FINALLY!!!! His energy and feistiness is back, and now that we’ve gotten the diaper rash under control, little man is smiling and laughing again. Sick kids are NO joke, and he was really sick. I’m just so grateful he’s well. I’m praying fervently that he avoids any sickness between now and August 28th, which is his new scheduled surgery date.


2. Zach’s beginning of school year rehearsals started this week so he’s been gone in the evenings. Since all childcare was closed this week (& I was originally scheduled to be off, but shifted that so I could have that time for Reed’s operation), we’ve shuffled childcare. Zach stayed home Monday and Tuesday, my sister watched them Wednesday and Thursday, and I took today off. Zach brought them to me at work Monday afternoon and I was finishing up something on my adding machine and something about the noise made them giggle. I wish it made me laugh like that all day – it’d make it easier on me! ha!


3. I went a new route for a planner this year. I LOVE an academic year planner. With Zach being a teacher and Ava in school, it just feel like our year really runs from August – July instead of January – December. I’ve had an Erin Condren planner the past two years and after reports of awful customer service (and the price), I decided to try something else. I purchased the printable planner pages from ThePolkaDotPosie! Jen, the woman behind this, has been SO amazing, making sure I’m happy, that everything is work, etc. This girl made some GORGEOUS planner pages. I was intimidated by having one to print myself but it has been WAY easier than anticipated. I’m ALMOST done printing, and my hole puncher arrives today so I plan on sharing more about this next week! Seriously, aren’t these pretty?!

IMG_0895 IMG_0894

4. I love reading! I’ve made no secret of that. At the suggestion of my twitter friend Sarah, I picked up Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews!!!! I have LOVED this book! If you are looking for a good, light summery read, READ IT!


5. I’m meeting up with some friends tonight at Catfish Hole in Fayetteville. They have the BEST hushpuppies everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. My SIL, Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition, is super tiny. :) This conversation yesterday about eating at CH seriously made me laugh like crazy. And just in case you didn’t know, she IS pregnant, so maternity pants are acceptable, but she’s only started wearing them in the last few weeks. It’s okay to be jealous of her – I am! :)


Thanks for stopping by and reading my Five on Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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  1. I love a good girls night. Glad your Reed is feeling better.


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