Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reed’s first haircut!

With school starting this week, I had scheduled a hair cut for Ava, and decided it was time for Reed to get his first one also! So he had his first haircut on August 8! He has this crazy cowlick on the back of his head and part of it looked like a ponytail!IMG_1036 

It was definitely time for him to get a trim. Ava went first and she was totally fine with it as she’s had several. Reed was really clingy from the time we got there and I knew it wasn’t going to go smoothly.

He wouldn’t sit in the chair by himself so I had to hold him. And he still cried.


Thankfully with the weird way things turned out, my sister was with us because she was watching the kids for us so she was able to take pictures! It was pretty traumatic. ha!

Thankfully he calmed down and she was able to finish. She said she has had some where they just couldn’t do it because they were screaming and thrashing so badly. I’m thankful he got his done. He looks sooooooo cute and so different with it shorter!

IMG_0955IMG_0964 IMG_0965

Another milestone in the books!!! :)


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