Monday, August 12, 2013

The last few days

When it rains, it pours, no? :) We were just on the verge of getting Reed 100% when Ava turned up sick. Looking back, the first sign was that she didn’t eat dinner very well Wednesday night and we were having tacos which are her favorite. She woke up Thursday and the first thing she said to me was that her mouth hurt. I looked at it and noticed a canker sore, so I just thought, yeah, those do hurt. She acted kind of weird that day. We got hair cuts and had lunch, and we had one of her favorite lunches and she barely ate. She kept saying she was soooo tired. My sister was watching the kids that day and she said that Ava took a loooooooong nap that afternoon. Zach wasn’t home Thursday evening and since we’d had a bigger lunch, we just had sandwiches for dinner. She didn’t touch her PB&J which is her favorite. She told me again that her mouth hurt so I looked at it again and it was covered in sores. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My guess was hand foot mouth disease. Her daddy did bring home some cold treats Thursday night that were left from treats after his evening rehearsal and both kids were fans.


I was off work Friday and didn’t plan to spend our day with a sickie, but that’s what we did. She just didn’t feel well. Her mouth was covered in sores but nothing on her hands and feet. Knowing what I did about HFM, I knew that it was just something that would have to run its course and it wasn’t worth ANOTHER doctor visit b/c there was nothing that could be done. We did do some home remedies to help ease her pain a little. She was barely eating, and hardly uttered a word all weekend. She was just very quiet and didn’t do much which is so unlike her.


At one point I checked her mouth and then carried her out of our room to the living room. Well, Reed wasn’t happy that I was carrying her and not him. He stood there lifting his arms to me saying “my mama! my mama!” I told him I’d taken care of him while he was sick so I needed to take care of Ava. He stood in our room and cried for like 15 mins and just kept saying “my mama!” I told him to join us but I had to drag him out and he still wasn’t happy.


She was supposed to go up to NWA with me Friday night and while I had dinner with friends, was supposed to hang out with her Uncle Stephen. She was sooooooooooooooooo sad when I told her she couldn’t go. She cried for over 30 minutes. It was sad. :(

I was happy to escape for a little while to have dinner with Leslie and Taylor. We had so much fun and ate some yummy food at Catfish Hole. Hushpuppies = YUM!!!


Ava didn’t talk or eat hardly all weekend. It was sad. I was worried because school starts Wednesday and didn’t want her to miss the first day.


Sometime Sunday afternoon she seemed to turn a corner. Sores we saw earlier in the morning seemed to heal, she was able to eat a little more and she started playing! I think she will be okay for the start of school!!!!


Now we just have to pray that Reed does NOT get whatever virus this is that Ava had, that he can stay 100% healthy between now and surgery, and that we have a smooth transition back to school! :)

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  1. I am glad she's getting better- AND that you got your hush puppies! :)


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