Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day(s) of School!

This week was back to school week for us!!

Reed’s first day back was August 12! He is in the Toddler Class at his school and it’s his last year in the childcare center. Next year he will be in the big school as a preschooler! How this has happened so fast, I have NO clue! Little dude wasn’t really in the mood for pictures so we got what we could!


Sweet boy! He has had a hard time in the mornings because he has two new teachers but they’ve said he has had great days once he gets over the dropping off!

Ava’s (and Zach’s) first day of school was August 14!!


When did my baby get so grown up? Seriously?


I make Zach pose for a first day of school picture every year too, but I’ll just post the one of him with Ava and not the one of him by himself! Isn’t he a good man to oblige?! :)

IMG_1104 IMG_1132IMG_0205IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1120

Ava had a great first day! She was excited to report that she got four stickers on her reward chart and only needs one more for a trip to the treasure box (which she loooooves!)! I got a text from her teacher about 2:00 with three pictures of Ava and she said Ava had a great day. I’m so very grateful for our school and the wonderful teachers who invest so much into my babies! I’m looking forward to a great year for our whole family!



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