Thursday, December 5, 2013

A little visit to the ER

Yesterday started out like any other day (kind of). We needed some groceries after being out of town last week. With the prediction of upcoming winter weather, we knew we needed to get some things we needed. Well, we didn’t have any options this week except Wednesday night. Until I woke up at 4:30 Wednesady morning. I couldn’t go back to sleep after 30 minutes, so I got up, took a shower and went and did our shopping. I was back home by 6:30 and finished getting the kids ready for school.

Reed has a hand me down shirt that says “I’m 80% naughty and 20% nice.” This face pretty much supports that.IMG_4008

I took the kids to school and went to work. I had plans to have lunch with a friend today. We met up, and were chatting. Our food arrived and as it did, I pulled out my phone and noticed a missed call and a text from school. That’s never good.

Apparently Reed took a nasty fall. They were worried about him because he was almost falling asleep standing up and his pupils were fluctuating in size. I scarfed down my lunch and hurried to school. On my way there, I called his doctor’s office. The nurse told me I needed to take him to the ER because they would probably need to do a CT scan. I got to school to get him. He was waiting for me with one of his favorite teachers and when he saw me he said “I need go home.” I guess he thought I wasn’t going to take him. I checked him out and got his stuff and we headed out.

We got to the ER and there was NO ONE in there. Seriously. Not one person. The nurse at the desk came out and asked what was wrong and I told her. She looked at his eyes and said they were totally fine. She said she could tell he was fine but we could see a doctor for peace. They took us right back to get him registered and took his vitals. While we were in there, the blood pressure cuff got a little tight and that set him off. He started crying and pretty much didn’t stop until we left! While we were in there, Zach got there and came in with us. Just a couple minutes later they took us back to a room.

We were in there for just about a minute before the doctor came in. He checked Reed’s eyes, as well as his nose, ears, chest, etc. He watched him walk and asked a lot of questions. He agreed that Reed was okay. He did give us things to watch for and told us how to handle him the rest of the day and to come back if we noticed any of those mentioned symptoms.

We waited longer to get the discharge papers than we did to see the doctor, but we were out of there in less than an hour. Crazy! I was grateful for that though.

With all the experiences Reed has had at the doctor this year, he is not a fan of medical professionals. He kept crying “I don’t like da doctor”. It was kinda funny! He also kept saying “I need go to car” and “I need go home”. The boy just wanted out of there!!!!  IMG_4014IMG_4017

The doctor also told us not to be surprised if both of his eyes turn black over the next few days. Poor guy. He can’t seem to catch a break this year!

I’m grateful he is okay and while I’m not normally a go to the ER kinda mom, I’m glad we got him checked out and know for sure that he’s okay. Better safe than sorry.

Now we are preparing for a a major winter storm. They have predicted up to an inch of ice, with a couple of inches of snow on top of that!!! Zach is hoping for a snow day tomorrow and I’m worried about how I’m going to slip and slide to work! Who knows what will actually come but I guess we will find out soon enough!

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  1. bless his heart! That is SO hard to watch your baby cry to leave a hospital. That's what Connor did when he severed his finger last year and it just broke my heart.


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