Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Our Thanksgiving break was a full one! On Thanksgiving morning, we loaded up the car and the kids, and headed out for four days!

Here were our little turkeys before we left.IMG_3827 

Our first stop was to Zach’s grandma’s house. We were joined there by his parents, sister, her boyfriend, our new niece!, Zach’s aunt and cousin! We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch and had a nice time just visiting. The kids had fun playing and being given lots of attention, as well as getting to head down to throw rocks in the lake.

Here are the three cousins on Zach’s side of the family. This little girl was so sweet! I loved getting to cuddle her!!!!IMG_3837

We stayed the night there and woke up and headed out early Friday morning to head to St. Louis.  Reed slept like a bear that night. It was AWFUL. He woke up several times and then for good around 3:45 a.m. This was after not taking a nap on Thursday. Oy.

We got to St. Louis a little after 1:00 and checked into our hotel before heading over to my brother’s house. We were up there for my niece’s baptism on Saturday evening. When we got there Friday, we hung out around my brother’s house and visited with family that was in town. I also got to my meet my niece who was also born this fall (lots of nieces for me this year!).IMG_3852

Friday night we had a bit of bad luck as we were leaving. I’ll share about that more in my next post. We had known that Reed wasn’t sleeping well in a pack n play anymore, so we called ahead to the hotel and asked for a crib. They said no problem. When we got there, we found out it was a pnp. If I’d known that, we would’ve brought our own. As it was, we decided to attempt him sleeping in the real bed with Ava. We got him to sleep, and he woke up once around 11:00 p.m. confused but after that slept well. Until 5:30 that is. Ha. He looked so peaceful though.IMG_3868

Saturday morning I got to meet up with my sweet friend Julie for a quick breakfast. We had fun chatting and I didn’t want to leave to go back!!IMG_3872

The weather happened to be gorgeous that day so my SIL and I took our kids to the park to run off some energy. They had a ball running around playing. I wish we lived closer to them because these babies love playing together. It’s sad we can’t see them often!IMG_3884 

They also had fun with various family coming in and out of the hotel and unloading bags to get to ride on the baggage cart.IMG_3875 

After playing at the park, we headed back to try and get some good naps in. Best laid plans rights? Ava fell asleep but Reed was restless. He said his belly hurt and then proceeded to throw up. I really think it was due to all the drainage he’s had the past few weeks because after that he was totally fine. He took a good nap and woke up ready to go and play and eat. He and Zach did skip the baptism to get a little extra rest in but joined us afterward at the celebration dinner afterward.

While at the party, I got to love on my two sweet little nieces who are two weeks apart!IMG_3921

My parents attempted a picture with all their grandkids because it was the first time they were all together and it will probably be a while before they are again. It was quite comical.IMG_3899

We had put Reed in his pjs because we knew it would be a late night. He fell asleep on the way back to the hotel and thankfully we were able to put him right into to bed asleep. He slept all night (WOOHOO!) and woke up feeling good! He had wild hair to show for his good night of sleep!IMG_3924

We got up and had breakfast and said our goodbyes before heading home. We left about 8:00 and around 9:45, out of the blue, reed said his belly hurt again. Fortunately I had some bags under my seat and pulled one out just in case. A couple minutes later, he threw up again. Once again, after he was totally fine. He wanted to eat lunch, and his congestion really makes me feel like it was just making his little belly hurt. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a doctor for him this week. Thankfully the rest of our trip home was uneventful.

We had a great weekend, and are grateful we got to spend it with all of our family. We were definitely tired when we got home, but we made great memories!


  1. I love the group shot with all the grandkids. Good attempt! I love those boys and their fingers.

  2. hi sarah,

    i just stumbled on your blog and so excited to see another AR blogger. I'm from the river valley. live in conway now:)


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