Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Can you say bad luck?

In my previous post, I alluded to a bit of bad luck on Friday evening. We had been over at my brother’s house, and we were leaving to go back to the hotel around 7:00 p.m. We headed outside and Zach asked me to drive because I knew the area a little better than him. He was putting Ava in on her side and he sent Reed around to me.

I grabbed Reed and was buckling him into the car, when all of a sudden, a car came flying down the street and HIT MY OPEN DOOR!!!!!!! There was a loud banging noise, and the next thing I knew the door bounced back and hit me in the head!

Zach thought I had put something down on the ground that the van had run over, but when I told him it was the door, he thought it’d been taken off the hinges based on the sound! The van got a little ways down the street and then stopped and backed up. The lady who was driving got out and asked if we were okay. We were, thankfully, and she said she would give me her info. I went inside the house and asked my brother to call the police for me.

The lady kept saying how she didn’t see my door open. I’m not sure how she didn’t, but I’m so thankful I wasn’t standing just a step back or she would’ve hit me.

As it was, her mirror hit the door, and bent it back. The part of my door that bent then proceeded to scrape the entire side of her van as she drove on. Pieces of her mirror broke off and were on the street and the rest of the mirror was hanging from the wires in it. It wasn’t just a little hit.

The police came and he checked everything out. For some reason, the lady didn’t get a ticket. I’m not sure if it was because my vehicle wasn’t running or what. He made sure she gave me her license and insurance information and checked her info all out. I also got his name as well, just in case there are any issues. And I think the cherry on top of all this is that her insurance is the same insurance, I have, which is also the same insurance company who’s been giving me grief about the accident I had in September caused by another of their insured who denied it. What are the chances????

It was hard to see all the damage that night because it was dark, but the next morning I was able to see it a little better. My door is closed in both of these pictures.IMG_3870 IMG_3869

While I wish I didn’t have to now deal with the hassle of dealing with insurance claims and getting this fixed and probably being without my car, I’m so very thankful that it’s the door that’s hurt. I’m SO grateful Reed was already in the car because if it’d been a few seconds earlier, he could’ve been harmed. Thankful for God’s protection on us that night!


  1. That is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! So glad you are all ok!

  2. Glad to hear everyone is ok and sorry for the hassle you have to deal with!


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