Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa Visit

We can’t go through the holiday season without having a Santa visit! Our Breakfast with Santa at school was cancelled because it was on the weekend we had all the snow and ice.

Zach had to work all day on Saturday and he needed to get some major work done on his homework, so he suggested I take the kids to my parents for the weekend. While there, we made our trip to visit Santa.

Here was Ava before we left: IMG_4201

We headed to the place we went last year. This year they had changed it up though and instead of getting in line to SEE Santa, you got in line to get a number. Then they sent you a text when it was your turn to see the big guy. When I got up there to put my number in, we were told it was a two hour wait. Oy. Fortunately, there was a TON of stuff to do to occupy our time. I also noticed a screen set up with your name and last digits of your phone number so you could see where you were. We started at #54!

While waiting, we did some other things, like meet Mrs. Claus:IMG_4205

Reed cried and didn’t want to get near Mrs. Claus. After we saw her (whose line was like a minute long … she’s not as popular as Santa – ha!), we let them get in Santa’s sleigh – and he loved it last year, but wouldn’t have anything to do with it this year.IMG_0294IMG_0298 

But then he wanted my mom to take him to meet Frosty! Go figure. He didn’t smile but he didn’t cry either.IMG_0302

Close to Frosty and the elf was a wooden nutcracker. Ava wanted her picture taken with it, and while we waited for someone else to take theirs, they saw the kids moving the lever on his back to open and close his mouth. Reed LOVED playing with that and had to watch his mouth open and close.IMG_4208IMG_4211 

Even though it was FREEZING, Reed really wanted to ride the train that was going around the building outside. So we braved the cold and let him ride. He was SO excited! He kept saying “I ride da train!” He was in little boy heaven!IMG_4213IMG_0304 IMG_0303 

When it was finally almost our time, I had Ava stand in front of the screen with the numbers to take her picture. As it scrolled to our name, it turned out we were #1 on the list! (She’s giving two thumbs up even though it looks like she’s pointing guns! haha!) IMG_4227

When they sent me a text message, we got to go upstairs and then we finally got to see Santa! It went about how I expected!  IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0312IMG_4240 

We had a fun morning! When they told us we would wait two hours, I thought we were going to be miserable. But, the time passed quickly and the kids had fun and that’s what’s important!!

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