Monday, December 2, 2013

Just a few memories

I have a recap of our Thanksgiving weekend coming but I wanted to record a few memories from last week first.

Last week Zach and I celebrated our anniversary. Thanks to family being in town for Thanksgiving, we were able to go to dinner that night to celebrate. We went to the hibachi grill and had sushi and yummy food! We enjoyed a nice, leisurely dinner alone and were grateful to have a date night.IMG_3787

Tuesday morning, Ava’s class had their Thanksgiving feast. She begged me to come since I wasn’t able to make her Halloween party, so I headed up there to celebrate with them. She was SO giddy that morning, and I’m glad she is excited when her mom and dad can be at her events. I know she probably won’t always want us around! ;)

They had cute Halloween shirts made by a mom and she was excited to wear it that day.IMG_3794IMG_3800IMG_3796IMG_3795IMG_3804

She had a wonderful feast. I’m grateful I’m able to work these things into my work schedule and can be there for these important times!

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