Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things the kids say

Sometimes kids say the FUNNIEST things. Who knows where they get it? Every once in a while I like to write down funny things they say just so I can remember it when they are grown!
  • We were driving this past weekend and Reed saw an angel made of Christmas lights. Ava said “You know, angels are in heave with God and Jesus. They are besties.”
  • My bathroom has a lot of my hair in it. It comes out when I straighten it. Ava climbed in my bath tub where there was apparently some strands of hair. She said “Mom, you need to clean your bath tub.” I said “Okay, Ava, I know.” Then she said, “No, seriously.”
  • When she and Reed fight, we typically make the wrong doer apologize to the other and if they want, give a hug. Reed did something to Ava and she got “SO ANGRY” at him. He apologized and she said “I AM STILL MAD AT REED.” She stomped off to her room, and Reed followed her. We heard her growl at him, “ARE YOU GONNA GIVE ME A HUG?”
  • Ava hasn’t learned the plural tense of words that end in an F. For example, instead of elves, she says “elf-is” or “leaf-is”. I love it!
  • When Ava hasn’t been able to find our elf in the morning, she says “Jana is being asterious!” (mysterious!)
  • Ava has started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at home and it’s so cute because some of the words aren’t quite there!

  • I got onto Ava for climbing on the kitchen table. Reed was sitting there and looked at me and said, “Ava made a bad choice.”
  • The kids are at the ages where they can fight with each other very well. Ava has been known to call Reed a baby. They got into it one night, and Ava was crying and Reed said “Ava is a baby!” Ava didn’t like that AT ALL!
  • When Reed is amazed at something, he will say “ooohhhh myyyyy…. doodness.”
  • Reed’s not the biggest fan of going to church right now. It’s hard for him. One weekend right before it started, he announced, “I have boogies. I need to go home.”
  • He has also said that in reference to  going to school one morning, only with a dirty diaper. “I have poop. I need to go home.”
  • When he is in his crib, he SCREAMS “MY MAMA! MY MAMA!” over and over. The second I walk in the room, he stops and says “I awake! I sleep good!”
  • Reed was with me in my bathroom and I wanted to tell Ava something. I told him to go tell Ava "Mama wants you." He ran out of the room and told her, "I want my mama!"
You never know what is going to come out of their mouths! I love their little sayings and it makes me so sad as they grow up and learn the correct way to say things! Thankful to have the little reminders written down so I can always remember!


  1. What is her accent when she says United? Ha! So cute.

  2. haha! Love love love! I need to write down some of the cute things Andrew says. It's hysterical! :)


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