Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ava’s pick for a baby name!

I’ve asked Ava a couple of times about what she thinks we should name the baby and a couple of days ago she came up with a crazy suggestion. Now, every time we ask her what his name should be, she gives us that crazy answer?!! She also busted out a great version of Old McDonald had a farm!

Love this crazy kid! ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ava’s big girl bed!!!!

We have been working on getting Ava’s room set up to be her big girl room! We ordered furniture almost a month ago, and her bed and nightstand came in perfectly, but we’ve had to send TWO dressers back due to damage. Praying the one we get this week arrives in great condition!

We also received her new big girl bedding! (A special thanks to my mother-in-law, Nancy, for buying it for her – she loves it!). She has been so excited about her “new bed”, so we thought we’d take pictures of her getting to open the box with her bedding. PURE excitement waiting for it!

IMG_2773 IMG_2769IMG_2770 She was seriously giddy. It was hard to get a good picture of her because she kept jumping around. Love that life excites her so much!

Friday night was her first night sleeping in her big girl bed! She was SOOOO excited and she did great!IMG_2782 IMG_2776 She woke up once in the middle of the night and cried and I went in there and she was back asleep in 5 minutes. I told her yesterday if she woke up scared then not to cry but to shout that she was scared and I’d come in there. Well, last night she slept all night but woke up this morning saying “I SCARED!” over and over! :) Of course, I could tell she wasn’t – she just wanted someone to come get her! :) I pray that the transition stays this easy! When we get the rest of her furniture and everything set up, we’ll share photos of her new room!

Another big milestone is that i’m 24 weeks today! If this baby boy was born early, he’d have a long road ahead of him, but at least he’d have a chance of survival. Thankful to make it to this point! Here we are before church this morning – I feel like he is growing rapidly – I’m worried I may have a linebacker in there!


Ava wanted to be in my picture this morning!IMG_2794

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I’ve had a long week of not feeling the best (i think the heat has A LOT to do with it), so we’ve tried to take it easy. Hoping I survive this week with record highs expected. I’m ready for fall! :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inside my head

I have the desire to blog but have no topic to blog about so I’m going to do a brain dump tonight.

  • It is HOT! This heat is totally sucking the energy out of me! I have a long 16.5 weeks to go!
  • I’m still craving that margarita though this stuff is helping – tastes very close to one, just without the alcohol. IMG_2764
  • Thanks for the suggestions on baby bedding. I think we have one picked out. Good thing we aren’t paying for the really $$$ ones b/c Zach didn’t like them anyway. Go figure. We are going tomorrow to a baby store during my lunch hour just to look one more time and then I think we’re done. FINALLY!
  • No name yet. Zach says he’s like 90% sold on one, but doesn’t want to commit yet. C’mon buddy – let’s get this kid named so i can put his name on things! Even little boys need personalized items!
  • It’s funny how life changes as you get older. I try to be the type of friend I would like to have and I’m not sure that always comes across as I hope it does. I wish true intentions were always seen. Praying for some clarity in this aspect of my life.
  • I am feeling this sweet baby boy moving every day now and I love it. He’s a wiggler! I’m HOPING that he’s a little calmer than Ava. She is our wild girl and we need a calmer one, too!
  • Does anyone know how to make tissue pompoms or know a good tutorial for them? Would love to make some for Leslie’s wedding shower in a couple weeks!
  • Our baby boy is gathering some clothing! Love seeing little things knowing I’ll soon be snuggling the little guy in them!IMG_2766
  • I’m struggling a little with being sad over Ava not having all of our attention anymore when he comes but I know we have enough love for both our babies. It will just be different.
  • For a long time, Ava wasn’t crazy about my grandma. Maybe it was b/c it was always a little scary to her when we’d be around my whole family and she was unsure. One day, my mom took her to my grandma’s house and she loved the toys there so she has been crazy about her ever since. Saturday we were over there and she RAN to sit with her on the porch. This picture is priceless to me!IMG_2293
  • Okay friends. That is all. if you read this all the way through, kudos to you. My life is fascinating these days. Happy mid-week! Two more days til the weekend!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Out of the mouth of Ava..

I love how much Ava is talking these days. Sometimes we know just what she is saying and others, well, it’s still a guessing game. I want to remember some of her silly sayings so I’m jotting them down!

  • Instead of saying airport, she says airplane-port!
  • When she gets really excited and wants to show us something she says “yook yook!” So cute that her L’s aren’t there yet!
  • When singing Jesus Loves Me, she sings Baby Jesus loves me! She loved reading the Nativity at Christmas (and like 4 months after) and I guess Baby Jesus stuck with her.
  • She asks what things are all the time and no matter what it is, she wants to know what it’s doing. Example: “what couch doin?”
  • Any time I get frustrated and change the tone of my voice or make a “grrrrr” sound Ava always says “Mama, what happnen?”
  • Zach asked her to pick up her toys and she responded with “I too little!” OMG – love it!
  • We were at my mom’s house and i told her to pick  up the toys she got out there and she said “i need Stephanie help me”
  • Her newest thing to say is “I not…” followed by whatever she “not want to do”. One day she said “I not take a nap” and  I found this three minutes later!IMG_2240
  • Not sure if I’ve posted this before or not, but when Zach is giving me a hard time and I tell him to stop, Ava chimes in and says “Shame, shame, Daddy! Be nice to Mommy!” She also does this for Zach, though not quite as frequently!!
  • When she is at my parent’s house and Zach gets there to pick her up, she gets mad and cries and says “Ava Daddy NOT pick up Ava. My mama pick up Ava” – guess she thinks if she waits on me she’ll get a few extra minutes!
  • When school was still in, she was convinced her “Homma” (grandma) was picking her up one day. When her daddy showed up she was VERY angry and wouldn’t go with him. She kept repeating that Homma would pick her up. :)
  • The other night I was laying on the couch and Ava ran in the room and climbed up and said (with a very hickish accent) “Mama, that baby still in you belly? I see it?” So incredibly cute! :)
  • When she is trying to say she doesn’t like something or doesn’t want to do something, she says “I can’t…” – When she doesn’t like a food it’s “I can’t like that!”
  • Last night we were watching the special on the Duggar baby being born, and she looked at me and said “Mama, you have your baby at home?” uh, no, baby. don’t think i’ll be doing that. At least I hope not!
  • Anything to the water has to have the word in front of it. Her pool is her “water pool” and boats are “water boats”. Here she is one day before playing in her water pool! She  can stop growing any time!IMG_2732
  • When Zach and I talk during the day and Ava wants to say hi, I can hear her in the back ground saying “I wanna hi Mama!”
  • When I get home for lunch or at the end of the day, she asks me, “Mama, you have a big day?”
  • When she hears a noise, she’ll look at us with huge eyes and say “you heard that?”
  • She’s not a fan of flies which are abundant right now and the other day I heard her tell one in her stern voice: “you get out of here right now, bug. go away.” if only it were that easy!
  • Lately when i get home or if she is talking to me on the phone she’ll ask “Mama, you miss me?”

I love this kid and all the crazy things she says!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ava’s social calendar!

Time is flying by as usual! Before I know it, it will be October and we’ll have a new baby here with us!

Ava has gotten to see lots of friends and family this past week!I had to get a burp cloth embroidered so I stopped by my friend Amanda’s. Ava  went with me and was excited to play with her little girl, Kenley.  IMG_8765 IMG_8806

They look so grown up to me the way they were posing!

We also got to meet sweet Baby Luke this week! Ava was a little hesitant to meet her baby cousin but after a few minutes she wanted to hold him and help him. I hope maybe instead of being jealous when her little brother arrives, she’ll just want to be a little mommy!!!IMG_2282

Yesterday we went to Tulsa to meet Sarah and her sweet Ava! We think it’s funny that we have the same name and so do our girls! If she has a little boy too, we’ll have to see if we come up with the same name there, too! It was a little confusing for the Ava’s – every time one of us would say Ava they would both look at us. And her Ava called mine ‘Different Ava’ – I LOVED it! So hilarious! At the end of the day she also call me ‘Different Mommy!’ So cute! IMG_0432

Alright, ladies – PLEASE help! I am having the HARDEST time finding crib bedding I like. I find something and it’s either over $300, or it’s being discontinued, or the latest one – the set came with all kinds of stuff, but not the bumper! Really?! Any ideas on places to look that aren’t outrageously priced. I’m not really sure how to even explain what I’m wanting – I guess I want something that’s not just traditional baby blue – something with shapes, stripes, dots, etc….. nothing cheesy! Ok, go!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We’re having a baby BOY!!!!

We found out yesterday afternoon that we are having a healthy, beautiful baby BOY!!!!!!!!! Our Intelligender test was correct! I hate to cover up his face but do it for safety!


We are so excited for this new addition to our family! We feel so blessed that we have a daughter and will now have a son as well. God is SO good!

As of now, baby boy doesn’t have a name but we’re working on it! Hopefully we will be able to figure it out soon!

Here are Ava and I before my appointment yesterday! IMG_2264 She kept asking when we could see the baby. She watched at first but got at little bored as we had to wait while they checked everything! I’m so glad she got to go with us!

Thanks to everyone for sharing our excitement and for the prayers! We are so thrilled and can’t wait to meet our sweet boy in October!!

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