Friday, June 28, 2013

Confessional Friday – Pet Peeve Edition

Oh, this week’s confessions will be fun. I may have a list a mile long. Why? Because since Leslie has introduced suggested topics for Confessional Friday, this week I am going to be confessing some of my biggest pet peeves! And I have a lot. ha!
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So, I confess to you that these are the things that drive me CRAZY!
  • When two cars are driving the same (slow) speed in both lanes right next to each other! Move over and let people get around you!
  • Poor customer service. It makes me ANGRY. Nothing requires me to use your service or business. Treat me poorly and I will not be back.
  • When cars have their windshield wipers going full blast and it’s barely sprinkling. I don’t know why this bothers me, but it does.
  • I cannot stand being ignored. In person, text messages, emails, online, etc. I especially get annoyed when I reply to someone on social media and they reply to a million and one people except me. RUDE.
  • Know it alls. When people know EVERYTHING and ALWAYS have something to contribute about EVERY.SINGLE.TOPIC it drives me crazy.
  • One uppers. You know the kind. The person whose situation always has to trump yours. Seriously annoying.
  • Cheaters. I don’t care what kind of cheating it is. People who cheat to get ahead are not cool.
  • Lying. I cannot stand to be lied to.
  • When someone uses the last of the toilet paper and doesn’t change the roll. It’s not that hard.
  • And while we’re talking about toilet paper, I dislike when it rolls from under and not from over. How do you like your roll to fall?
  • I know I should just be thankful that Zach empties the dishwasher, but it drives me batty when he puts things away wet. It takes a couple extra seconds to dry them out!!!
  • I get annoyed when people don’t follow through. If you say you’ll do something, do it. If something comes up, totally cool, but at least let the person know. Don’t just bail.
  • Alright, I'll say it: poor and incorrect grammar and misspellings. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Their/there is not the same! Neither is you're/your. I get the occasional typo, but constantly. A person on FB the other night was making fun of the guy who walked across the grand canyon and posted a status that said "I think I'm board, I'll walk across the Grand Canyon." Would've been a lot more effective if you'd spelled bored correctly, yo! EEEK!
  • Okay, last one. I cannot stand it when I get food from somewhere and when I get home I find out it’s either not what I ordered or it’s wrong!!!!!!! It seriously shouldn’t make me angry, but it does!
Clearly, a lot annoys me, as I could keep going. ha! I hope we’re still friends after you read these (and that I haven’t offended anyone). I’d love to know what irks you!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Last year was Ava’s first year of swimming lessons. She has always loved swimming and I had hoped the week would be beneficial. Well, the teacher is the coach of the local swimming team, and he’s just matter of fact and no nonsense. The first day Ava was complaining about a band aid on her finger and he took it off and that just ruined her. She didn’t like “that man” and she spent much of the week crying.

This year we talked about it leading up to it and that he was nice and that there would be no crying. She was pumped and ready to go. She was sad when she woke up Monday and it was just raining buckets! Lessons were cancelled so Tuesday was her first day!

She did great the first day! She even swam without the bubble on her back.

IMG_0739 IMG_0741

Day 2 was alright, but not as good as the first day. She loved swimming, but she didn’t like it when he challenged her and took the bubble off. She could do it, but she got very freaked out when she wouldn’t come up as quickly after jumping in.

Day 3 was a downright disaster. Coupled with more of the same from the day before, she was just pure exhausted and in a bad mood. She hadn’t been napping well and was worn out. She cried most of the lesson especially when her bubble was off and it was pretty much a wasted lesson. She left there and was asleep in about 20 minutes.

Day 4 was MUCH better. She was happy, did what he asked of her and really challenged herself. She saw the class before her going off the diving board and said she wanted to also. The first time she did it, he just kind of dropped her in. I love how he’s almost pushing her out on it!


I was SO proud of her! SO proud! He told her they would do more of that and go down the slide the last day. As I was changing her I told her that I was glad she tried it even though she was scared because sometimes it’s good to try things we are scared of because if we never try them, we might miss out on something so fun! She asked me if I was going to go down the slide with her the next day and I told her probably not, and said “why? are you scared?” I laughed and told her no, and she replied “Well, you might miss out!” ha! At least I know she was listening?! :)

She was pumped for the last day! She swam without her bubble a little, swam two lengths of the pool, a couple times across the deep pool and did several jumps off the board and two turns down the slide!

No fear this time – just going for it!!


She was so fast the 2nd jump I almost missed her!!!!

She loved the slide as well!!!IMG_1695

She did really well this year! He said he thinks if she wouldn’t get so scared without the bubble, she would be swimming. I know she’ll get comfortable being in water without anything and I’m grateful for all she learned this year! He suggested we do one more summer of lessons and he said he’d have her swimming! ha! So, I guess next year we’ll finish her and start Reed! I’m excited to watch her progress!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend fun!

So I mentioned that we had a fun weekend! it was pretty low key and we just spent a lot of time together and it was SO nice. The kids were well behaved, we did some fun things, and we enjoyed just doing fun summery things!

Saturday morning Ava had her last swimming lesson since she missed the first one! We had an errand to run before and we got there a little early so we were sitting the truck and I let Ava out of her seat to sit by Reed. My sister has been trying to teach Reed to say her name and he has said it once but I said something about her and Reed started saying her name. I tried to video it so I could show her and this is what happened. ha!

After lessons, we had lunch and let the kids nap. Zach ran a couple errands and I spent a little time out in the sun reading. That evening for dinner, we made tostadas and Ava loved getting to help make her own!IMG_0797

She also very much loved eating it! I’m so grateful our kids are good eaters and will try new things!


After dinner, we let the kids play outside in the sprinkler for a bit. They loved it as they do anything that has to do with water!


LOVE their smiles!!!


Before heading inside, they got to enjoy an ice cream treat!



We ended the evening by watching Despicable Me. Ava had never seen it and she LOVED it! Reed even sat down and watched a little too and he would laugh at random parts. So cute! It was a great day!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to a birthday party for two of my cousins! The kids swam and they loved it. Ava wasn’t still long enough for me to get any pictures of her swimming! Reed had fun putting his feet in and playing on the steps!


He also took a little time to give us a piano concert!


My aunt also had a pinata she said she’d bought years before and always forgot about it so she pulled it out today. They hung it up and Reed got to have the first try, and he was in HEAVEN! He knew just what to do and I don’t think anyone enjoyed it quite as much as he did!!! I love how happy his little face was!


Reed slept maybe 20 minutes on our way to the party and other than that, had no nap. He was still in a great mood and was so well behaved. We got home, got them cleaned up, and gave them a small dinner and then Reed sat down and asked to watch Mouse. He got through a few minutes and at 6:30, we found him like this!


It was a GREAT weekend. I love ones like this one – laid back, relaxed, and just spending time with my people! Can’t beat it!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Days gone by

On Monday…

We woke up to a monsoon! Ava was supposed to start swimming lessons but they were cancelled!

IMG_0721 IMG_0724

On Tuesday…

This was a MUCH prettier day and Ava was excited to go to lessons. Last year’s lessons didn’t go well AT ALL so I was glad she was excited about them this year!

IMG_0741 IMG_0739

Last weekend when Zach and the kids went to visit Zach’s family, my MIL gave the kids their own watering cans. She loves to garden and thought the kids would like their cans. And they do – A LOT! They like to help me water my plants each night!

IMG_0746 IMG_0745

Thanks for these, Nancy! They LOVE them!!! 

On Wednesday…

I headed to work early to get a head start on my day and as Reed was telling me by, he started to blow me a kiss and then he got distracted by his favorite lady, “Mimmie” Mouse! He couldn’t finish the kiss!IMG_0749

On Thursday…

In the mornings when I drop Reed off, he now says “My run!” instead of “my walk” as we are heading into school. So I let him run!


Also? His cowlick? It’s AWFUL! Do you see how long that hair is? I am terrified to cut his hair on my own b/c I don’t EVEN know what to do with this thing. We have an appointment for August and I’m going to get it cleaned up!

On Friday…

Ava had a busy day! She had a play date in the morning, swimming lessons and then grocery shopping with Dad!

She went off the diving board for the first time!!!! I love the look on her face!!!


She LOVED it! She loved it so much in fact she asked to go a 2nd time and to jump on her own!!!!

After lessons, she and Daddy went to Sam’s and they donated to whatever charity they were collecting for this week so she got a treat from them.


We had such a good fun weekend this weekend that I’m going to save those days for a separate post. I’m also going to do a more detailed post about swimming lessons including some videos!!!!

Hope you all have a great week!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Confessional Friday

I’ve had a little bit of writer’s block these days. I’m also incredibly busy at work right now and just don’t want to take the time to sit down in front of my computer and blog after the kids are down for the night.

Seeing as how it’s Confessional Friday at A Blonde Ambition Blog, I thought I could muster out a post tonight. Plus, Leslie made a list of topics to confess about!!!!! Talk about easy!

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Today’s topic is confessing random facts about myself. So, without further adieu, I confess:

*  that I am turning 30 in two months. So far the thought of this doesn’t bother me. Hope that doesn’t change!

* that I cannot leave dirty dishes in the sink.

* that I am 26 days away from being 1 year diet coke free!!

* that I cannot start a movie or a tv series in the middle. I have to start from the beginning or I won’t watch it. I don’t like not knowing what’s going on and why.

* that I take a glass of water to put my bed every night. The glass is always full. I RARELY drink all, or even a little, but I like it for in case I wake up and need it, which I do like 6 times a year.

* I don’t really like beer. Give me wine, fruity drinks, etc, but I just don’t much like beer.

* I wait in the driveway to make sure the garage door goes down, but still look over my shoulder at least once to double check. Sometimes I get to the end of the street and can’t remember if I checked, so I go around the block to make sure it’s down.

* I drove my friend’s van the other night and I am itching to get one. I never really thought I would want a van, but I do.

* that I get a little bit giddy on Thursday nights. Knowing I have one day of work left in the week and two whole days to myself makes me happy, happy, happy!

And that’s all I’ve got today! Do YOU have anything to confess?!

Have a happy weekend, friends!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Days gone by


On Monday…

Monday was pretty boring. the kids wanted to do pictures but no one would cooperate. Normal for them.  IMG_0529

On Tuesday…

For the first time since February, I left Reed at school and HE DIDN’T CRY!!!!!! This was HUGE! I was so thankful and pray we’ve turned a corner b/c I hated starting my day by leaving him screaming. He didn’t look happy in this picture, but he was fine and NOT CRYING!!!IMG_0544

I got home Tuesday and the hats I had ordered for Ava and me for the beach had come in!!! Exciting! I can’t wait to use them and I think Ava looks ADORABLE!IMG_0560IMG_0561

On Wednesday…

We had a second day of no crying at drop off!!!!IMG_0580

Ava spent the day at my grandma’s playing with the little girl cousins who were over there and she came home EXHAUSTED! She fell asleep before 8:00 and that NEVER happens!!!IMG_0608 

On Thursday…

Ava was just being goofy!IMG_0616 

On Friday…

Reed and I were happy it was FRIDAY!IMG_0627

On Friday mornings, Zach has been taking Ava for a breakfast date and to play before they head out to do the grocery shopping. She loves their Friday mornings!IMG_0632

On Saturday…

Friday evening we had gone to the store and while there, picked up a pair of goggles for Ava. She wanted some for the beach and so we finally just got them. She took them to bed with her Friday night, and she woke up and put them on immediately Saturday morning.IMG_0653

After breakfast, I told the kids I needed to sweep before moving on, and the next thing I knew, Reed had the broom and was helping me. He cried when I took it away. I hope his love for sleeping always lasts!!IMG_0661

Saturday, Zach and the kids went to visit his family for the day. I had plans in the evening that had been set for weeks, so they went on with out me. The kids smiled for me before they left. They love to sit on our stoop by the front door.IMG_0664

Now. While I did miss them, I was giddy over having a day all to myself!!!! I went and did some shopping/errands, watched a movie I’d been wanting to see, sat outside in the sun, read a book, and just enjoyed some peace and quiet! I headed over to my friend’s house later in the day for Girls Night In! We had a great time just talking and laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. My friend Misty made this AMAZING sangria as well as a yummy dinner!!IMG_0683

On Sunday…

FATHER’S DAY!!!! I’m so grateful that this guy is the daddy to my kids. He’s a wonderful dad and our kids adore him, as do I!IMG_1681IMG_0687

Reed fed his baby on the way to church today.IMG_0694

Ava wanted to pose for a picture after church!IMG_0697

After church we stopped by our favorite donut place. Ava always wants a “pink donut with sparkles”. I thought it was cute that when Zach ordered, he ordered it just like Ava says, instead of ordering one with sprinkles. :)    IMG_0700

We gave Zach his gifts after we were home. Reed wouldn’t take one without sticking out his tongue. He his a riot these days.IMG_0702

We had rain early in the morning on Sunday, and then it kind of cleared off, and then in the afternoon, it started rolling in again. I had told Ava maybe she could go out and play in it and then it stopped. And then she fell asleep for a late nap. And the rain started again. So Reed played in it. He LOVED it!!!!!  IMG_0717

It was a good week! Ava has swimming lessons this week and I’m excited to see how she does. Hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Days Gone By

On Monday…

Monday was the first day of summer care. Zach does lessons three days a week as well on works on stuff for the next school year and it allows Ava a chance to do fun things like putt-putt, go to the park, bowling, etc with her friends. This was them on the first morning. IMG_0409

Reed’s teachers are good about sharing photos of him during the day. From this picture, I can just hear him saying “cheeeee” as she took the photo. He was probably happy because snack time is his favorite! :)IMG_0413

On Tuesday…

I love these two kiddos!IMG_0418

Reed got a hold of a pencil and drew on the wall. It fell out of the container, and in the few seconds I finished what I was doing and turned around to get it, he’d already done this. However, I just thought this was bad. Stay tuned for Saturday.IMG_0424 

On Wednesday…

Wednesdays and Fridays, Ava stays home. Reed does some of the time, if Zach and Ava don’t have things to do. We have to pay for him regardless of whether or not he goes, so sometimes it’s worth it to send him to get a few more things done around the house. However, he was not happy to go to school without Dada or A-yuh. He cried for them both the whole way there.IMG_0436

That evening we went to my grandma’s for a bit while Zach was getting a hair cut. Ava was SO tired and fell asleep on the way home. Reed also didn’t like this as he kept yelling at her to try and wake her up.IMG_0444 

On Thursday…

Thursday night I headed out for dinner and drinks with one of my favorite friends, Amanda. We had the BEST time. We spent a leisurely three hours enjoying a break from our duties at home. We laughed so HARD I don’t think any of the calories in this yummy dessert counted! (Sounds good, right?!)IMG_0447IMG_0449 

On Friday…

Friday evening was my company’s picnic. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. They had a yummy dinner and some bounce houses, as well as playground equipment, live music, and prizes. We all had fun and even won a great prize (a $100 Walmart card – this was my 2nd year in a row to win this!)!!!!  The kids LOVED playing and were sad to leave even though they were EXHAUSTED!  IMG_0455 IMG_0458 IMG_0461 

When I went applied for this job, I didn’t know that my (2nd) cousin worked there. Not only do we work together, but we work in the same department. ha! This is Reed and her littlest swinging together. They loved it!IMG_0472

He was SO tired on the way home! IMG_0481

On Saturday…

Zach went golfing Saturday morning. I had let Ava do some painting and she had put the lids back on the jars, but somehow, Mr. Reed got up on the table, opened the paint, and I walked into the paint ON THE COUCH! Oh, this one is going to give me a run for my money. I just thought Ava was a busy kid. Reed puts her to shame.IMG_0488 Saturday evening we attended a banquet to celebrate Zach winning the teacher of the month award. It was a really nice, fairly newish venue here in town and it was awesome. The food was great and it was just a really nice time to recognize so many teachers who work so hard. Zach was eligible to win the grand prize, and got through to the semi-finals, but picked a red apple instead of a green one so grand prize for him!IMG_0501IMG_0496

Even though he didn’t win the grand prize, my door prize ticket was drawn for a $50 gas card! He’d won one when he was selected (along with the Mrs. Baird’s goodies and a $200 Wal-mart card). Every teacher who won was also given 52 vouchers for a free Mrs. Baird’s product, so essentially we have free bread for a year! They also had a table full of all kinds of Mrs. Baird’s goodies we got to load up on. In between all of this and my win the night before, we had a pretty good weekend! And we got to have a little date night which was fun, too!IMG_0503  

On Sunday…

Sunday was a rough day for Ava. I’m still not sure exactly what happened, but she was playing with this toy flute, and while I was changing Reed, I heard her start SCREAMING. Somehow she’d jammed it onto the top of her mouth. She says it was the green end, but I’m not so sure. Anyway, she just kept crying and crying and I finally looked in her mouth, and there was a 1.5 inch long gash along the roof of her mouth and it was bleeding. It wasn’t bad enough to be gushing out of her mouth but it wasn’t pretty. She couldn’t eat most of the day and was pretty miserable. After a dose of tylenol, she perked up for a bit, but she was still hurting. :( IMG_0526IMG_0527

All in all, I’d say we had a pretty good week!!!

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