Thursday, November 27, 2014

We are thankful!

We are so very thankful!DSC_5283 DSC_5308  DSC_5315

More details to come soon!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Getting caught up

Hello, there! Remember me? Ha! One of these days maybe I’ll get back to more consistent blogging. I do miss it. I just know that we have had SO much going on and at the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer. The weekends are spent trying to catch up from the busy weeks or doing fun things and the time just hasn’t been there. But I have a few things I want to catch up on so I’m going to do a couple catch up posts and then maybe I can get back to a little more regularly scheduled blogging.

At the beginning October, I drove for the kids’ field trip to the pumpkin patch. Since both of their classes went, I got to drive each of them and a friend. They had a fun morning and I was glad to get to go with them! IMG_3005

We had to see another doctor for their annual wellness visits this year, and the doctor we saw wanted them in gowns so she could examine them. They’d never had to do that before and they weren’t overly impressed with having to put them on. IMG_3010

There are some a lot of days that Reed gives us a run for our money. I love love love this boy but man is he challenging. Add in that he is three, and I’m sure you can imagine the rest. But when he’s sweet, he is oh so sweet. IMG_3013

Ava and I went to watch Zach at a competition he goes to each year and it was the nastiest, rainiest day. But we braved the rain, took our towels to wipe off our seats and huddled under the umbrella to cheer him on. IMG_3022

Ava’s friend Kenley had a super fun birthday party at the U of A gymnastics facility complete with a clinic by the Gym Backs. She had an absolute ball!!!IMG_3023 IMG_3043

I woke up to thunderstorms one morning and wasn’t surprised at all to look over to the side of my bed to see both kids laying on the floor. IMG_3062

Zach has had a lot of things going on in the evening in the last few weeks so it’s lots of time with me and the kiddos. And I love our sweet time together. IMG_3066 IMG_3099

A few weeks ago we had our annual fundraiser for the kids school. They had fun playing with their friends, getting their hair painted and Ava’s class performed their rhythm band performance. IMG_3108 IMG_3118 IMG_3131IMG_3135

Ava tossed a ping pong ball into a goldfish bowl on the first try so we got to bring home a goldfish. We had one from the previous year that was still alive. However, yesterday, we discovered that both were no longer with us. We tried to get rid of them without Ava knowing and she was pretty upset when she found out. Ah, the life of a six year old.IMG_3138

Well, I feel a little better getting somewhat caught up. I guess I need to see what else I have pictures of so I can get caught up on that, too!

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