Sunday, July 31, 2016

Grant’s Birthday!

I took the day of Grant’s birthday off so we could spend the day together! We started out with a little “I’m one!” photo session!


The big kids were so excited for his birthday that they wanted to take a picture with him, too!! IMG_5315

We took the big kids to school and dropped them off for their field day, and then we went to Wal-mart to get our supplies for his party the next day. This was before we had the oh so GLORIOUS Wal-mart pick up. I’ll probably dedicate an entire post to that one day because I love it THAT MUCH!

After we got home and got our groceries put away, Grant took a short cat nap and I did some things around the house. When he woke up, we headed to have lunch together at Chick-fil-a!!


And then he crashed again on the way home! Apparently we partied hard! Smile


After dinner that night, we let him have a chocolate cupcake! He had fun digging into it!!IMG_5352IMG_5360IMG_5362IMG_5367IMG_5371IMG_5372

I would say that was a pretty happy and satisifed birthday boy!!!! Smile I loved spending the day with just him. Next up – 1st birthday party!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dusting off the blog

Hey there! Remember me?! After an unintentional three month blog hiatus, here I am. For a while, blogging got harder because the platform I used to blog quit working. I finally found something very similar and I hope this is just what I need to get back into the groove.

A LOT (A LOT A LOT) has happened since I last blogged!!!!!!

Grant turned 1!!!! I still need to post his 1 year post as well as share about his birthday party!!! (if you look to the post previous to this one, I post dated his one year post. All the others will post normally now – I just wanted that on May 20th.)

We wrapped up the school year and jumped into a fun and busy summer!!

We had a big BIG change in our family in the middle of June. I took a new job and want to share more about that and the process because God was involved in every single step and I want to share that.

Zach and I took a trip to the Bahamas all by ourselves (!!!!!) to celebrate our 10 year anniversary a few months early!!!

Grant started walking!!

We got our master shower re-done and we also got a new roof!

I’ve started selling a new product which I am PASSIONATE about and love what it’s doing for me and for my customers!

And who knows what else I’ll find as I start scrolling through my photos!?! It’ll probably take me a couple weeks to get all caught up on everything, but I’m SO excited to have this easier way to blog back again. I’ve missed the record book of our lives.

I’ve had many of you reach out to check on us and I appreciate that so much. We’re all great and fine. We are BUSY BUSY and I’m convinced at this point that we’re just destined to be busy at this point in our lives, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep this as up to date as possible. Smile Can’t wait to get back at it and I hope there are still some of you out there who will be reading along! Winking smile

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