Monday, February 29, 2016

A case of sickies

Happy Leap Day!

A few weeks ago I got a call from daycare late Monday afternoon that Grant was running fever. I went and picked him up and he wasn't feeling well at all. We came home and I went ahead and made him a doctor's appointment for the next morning.

I took him to the doctor the next morning and they said he he had a double ear infection.=( He had so many days where he was so congested and just yucky. I was glad we had a reason why. 

They called me Thursday afternoon saying he was running fever again. I called the pediatrician and they said since it hadn't been a full 3 days to wait and see how he was on Friday. Well, he woke up with no fever and seemed a little better. But Saturday was miserable. He was so unhappy. We decided later that evening we were going to take him to urgent care on Sunday. 

We woke up Sunday to Ava waking me up saying her ear hurt. She was really lethargic and you could tell she didn't full well. So after church, I took Ava, Grant and myself to urgent care. I'd been having sinus issues and ear pain as well off and on for a few weeks. Well, the doctor said mine was just sinus drainage and fluid on ears and didn't need any meds. He said Grant's ears didn't look too bad but were some red. But he didn't feel like he should change the antibiotic. Ava did have an ear infection so we got her some meds and were on our way.

That week on Wednesday, I picked Grant up and they said he had barely eaten all day. I took him home and he ate a bottle and ate dinner. Later that evening when I was nursing him, I went to switch sides and he threw up. We thought maybe his drainage made him sick, but he got sick a few more times in the next hour and a half. We weren't sure if he had a bug or if he still had infected ears.

He still wasn't himself Thursday. He didn't eat well and was constantly tugging at his ears. When he went to bed that night, this is what he looked like. 

I had called earlier in the evening and got him an appointment for Friday morning. We didn't get to see his pediatrician the first appointment but did this time. He still had a lot of fluid on his ears and his doctor said that could've been why he didn't feel like eating. So we got a new medicine and were hopeful it would help.

The next morning, he woke up around 6:00 and I got in his room and was changing him and Reed came up and said "I threw up". I was like "WHERE did you throw up?" And he pointed to the trash can. Indeed he had. He has major issues with sinus drainage and throws up fairly often so he knows when it's coming and how to get somewhere. But really. What four year old throws up on their own, in a place like a toilet or trash can, and doesn't even tell his parents!?!?! He was sick a few times that day so that kind of confirmed Grant had a bug.

The next morning I felt pretty gross for a while. The bug had been pretty mild for both boys and I think I may have had a touch of it. I laid down and took a nap around noon and woke up feeling much better. This past Tuesday, Ava came home from gymnastics and you could tell she wasn't feeling well. She said her stomach hurt at gymnastics and that it hurt when she stood up but not when she sat down, which is kind of how I felt on Sunday. So I guess we all had a touch of it.

Thankfully Grant seems to finally be feeling much better. It took about a week for his eating to return to normal. I'm hoping that will be the extent of our illnesses for a while!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Grant is nine months old!

So, I realize I've been a little MIA. The platform I've used for blogging for years doesn't work anymore and I just can't adapt. I don't like how my posts look and I just haven't had the desire to pick up my computer. I'm going to attempt this again on my phone since all my photos are on my phone anyway.

So. Grant is nine months old and is growing and changing so fast!!  

Here is what he is up to: 
• You weigh about 19lbs after losing some weight from being sick.
• You wear mostly size 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
• You nurse in the morning and evening and have bottles during the day at school. You eat about 18oz on a typical day at school.
• You love solid foods. Your favorites are mac & cheese, carrots, and chicken & veggies. 
• You finally mastered crawling about a week ago! You are ALL over the house!
• You put everything in your mouth and you love cords!!!
• You babble all the time and in babbling say dada, but on 2/18, I went in to get you up and you said mama clear as day!
• You love bath time! 
• You like to clap.
• You go to bed around 7:00 and sleep until 6:30 during the week and until about 7:00 on the weekends. You take two good naps most days.
• You try to pull up but I haven't seen you do it. They say you like to practice at school. 
• You got another tooth this month, your top left one, bringing the total to three. 
• You are generally so happy and love almost everyone, but you definitely prefer your mama! 
• You try to pull up but I haven't seen you do it. They say you like to practice at school. 
• You got another tooth this month, your top left one, bringing the total to three. 
• You are generally so happy and love almost everyone, but you definitely prefer your mama! 
• Your brother and sister like to call you Bubba 😳
• You celebrated your first Valentine's Day and loved being kissed on! 

You are so very loved, Grant! We are so glad to have you!!! 

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