Friday, June 29, 2012

These are my confessions!

It’s Friday. I’m glad. And I’m going to link up for Confessional Friday. Confessional Logo (1) (1)
1. I confess that this is my first time linking up for Confessional Friday hosted by Leslie at A Blonde Ambition.
2. I confess that this heat has me a little cranky. 100+ degrees several days in a row? ICK. The only positive is that I’m not pregnant this summer like I was last summer in this nastiness.
3. I confess I want to be a lazy bum all weekend. Work and home life have been busy and I want to spend my weekend doing nothing… unfortunately..
4. I confess that when I have the time to be lazy, I feel guilty and end up doing something like cleaning or organizing. Yes, I know I’m weird.
5. I confess that I have never been as big a mess in my entire life as I am right now. I have never been so disorganized, flying by the seat of my pants, out of control. And truthfully? I’m not sure I care!
6. I confess that I did something really dumb at work last week. We are testing something and I needed to send my boss a link to install a program so she could use it over the weekend. We came in Monday morning and it didn’t work… lo and behold, I sent her a link for the same thing from JULY 2011!!!!! doh!
7. I confess that I’m a much more relaxed parent with Reed than I was with Ava. Oh, Reed is holding a pair of scissors? No biggie. (but to protect my name, I do promise he has never held scissors.)
8. I confess that I giggled like crazy when I texted Leslie something yesterday and got a text from her not even 5 seconds later about THE.SAME.THING! We’re mind readers.
9. I confess that I’m glad our county has banned the shooting of fireworks b/c it is so dry. Zach will tell you that I get to be a bit cranky when people shoot them off late when I have to go to work the next day or after our kids have gone to sleep! Grrr! Glad we shouldn’t have to deal with that this year.
10. I confess that confessing is a lot of fun.
11. I confess that this baby boy is growing waaaaaay too quickly for my liking. IMG_3994 
12. I confess that I won a blog makeover on Twitter! I’m so excited for an update!
13. I confess I need a new blog name. Reed has been here almost 9 months. Time for a change, no?
14. I confess that I had some jucier confessions. Maybe next week!
15. Last confession: I confess I’m giving away a $30 Pampered Chef gift certificate in the post below. check it out!
Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do you want to win? I think it’s time….


It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway and I thought now would be a great time!
I am giving away a $30 gift certificate to Pampered Chef!!!!!
This time, YOU get to choose what you want! I’ve been selling PC for a little over two years and I LOVE the products! If you look back through my blog, you’ll see I rarely use it for advertising, but I do like to promote it and give away stuff every so often.
Pampered Chef has everything from everyday use tools, knives, cookware, items for entertaining, grilling, you name it!
Some of my very favorite products:Collage4 Collage1 Collage2 Collage3
To be entered in this giveaway:
  • 1 Entry for following
  • 1 Entry for leaving a comment telling me what product(s) you love or would love to have – visit
  • 1 Entry for Tweeting the giveaway @sarahe825
  • 3 Entries for Blogging
  • 5 Entries if you agree to host a party! No matter where you live, it’s easy to set up a catalog party and catalog parties are an EASY way to earn free rewards – and in July, there are EXTRA host incentives! 
If July guest sales are...
-$1,000 or more, you'll get $415 in free product value.
-$900, you'll get $290 in free product value.
-$800, you'll get $265 in free product value.
-$700, you'll get $240 in free product value.
-$650, you'll get $215 in free product value.
This is SO easy to do. If you think you can’t get that, get together with a friend and work together and share the free product value. Even if you don’t reach the $650, you’ll still get free product value! I remember how much fun it was when I got married and got all new kitchen stuff – hosting a show and getting free products is just like that! If you have any questions please let me know.
One more thing – if you sign up to host a party and win the giveaway, I’ll throw in an extra $10 on top of the $30 and on top of anything you receive from your party (once party sales equal $150 before tax and shipping)!!!
Giveaway will run through July 3, 2012. US Residents only, please.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Commenting challenge welcome & Water Babies!

Hi friends! So glad you are stopping by from Jenna’s Commenting Challenge. This is my 3rd year to participate and I love meeting new blog friends through this! I look forward to reading about you and your lives too!
So then, I’m Sarah! I’m 28 (soon to be 29 – yikes!) and live in Arkansas. I married my husband, Zach in November 2006! We are so blessed to the parents of Ava, 3 ½, and Reed, 8 months.
I’m an Arkansas girl, born and raised! I went to college at the University of Arkansas and I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting. I also have an MBA. I work full time outside the home as an accountant at a local utility company. Our kids go to school at our church and they love it there. My husband teaches band at a local junior high. While I wish I had the opportunity to stay home with my kids, we are so fortunate to have the jobs we do, especially with the economy in its current state!
SO that’s it… we’re just your ordinary family doing everyday life. Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Whew! We have been busy this summer! This was the second weekend out of five that we have been home! We’ve visited Zach’s family and we also went to see my dad. The thing Ava has most looked forward to about our trips is fun water play.

Zach’s parents have a splash pad very close to their house and Ava and Reed both enjoyed it!
When we went to see my dad, I considered taking Ava to one of the BIG water parks in OKC. However, we looked online and decided it might be better to wait until she’s a little older. However, just a couple minutes away, was a little city water park and we took the kids and they had SO much fun!

Reed wasn’t so sure about his hatIMG_3764
SOOOO excited!
  IMG_3767 IMG_3782 IMG_3789  
IMG_3788IMG_3792 IMG_3793

I think it’s safe to say we have two babes who LOVE the water!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little Gymnast!!!!!

Last week we met up with Ava’s friend Samir to try out a gymnastics class. She LOVED it! She liked putting on a show! She was SO excited to go! IMG_3568  
She learned so many things the first night – forward roll, spider walk, spider kick, swinging from bars, handstands, walking on the balance beam. IMG_3575 IMG_3576IMG_3580 IMG_3581
She had her second class tonight and she loved it just as much. I’m glad to have her enrolled in a class and learning something new. She is so proud of herself doing these things!
More beam work  IMG_3728
Working on her forward roll     IMG_3734
I’m excited to see all she is going to learn! Oh, and Mr. Reed wants to do gymnastics too!IMG_3745

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

EIGHT months old!

Reed! How are you eight months old?? You are two thirds of the way to one year old and I am so amazed at how fast the time is going. This past month was a HUGE one for you as you started doing SO many things!IMG_0529.2.jpgIMG_3616
  • You are rocking on all fours and can scoot all over a room. You move your legs a couple of strides and would be crawling if you kept going, but after those couple of movements you just wiggle your body to get where you want.
  • You pulled up! You were standing a little if we stood you up, but a couple of days ago, you pulled up all by yourself and have been doing it ever since.IMG_3479
  • You got your first two teeth! Your bottom left tooth popped through this past weekend and the bottom right popped through Tuesday!
  • You are eating three meals a day: Cereal and fruit in the morning, veggies, fruit and meat for lunch and dinner. You are also eating some table food that is soft and you love the real thing!IMG_3442
  • You drink four 7 oz bottles a day.
  • You are talking up a storm. You say what sounds like “da-da” a lot.IMG_0539
  • You LOVE Ava. You get so excited when you see her.
  • When you get excited, you do a whole body shake. You kick your legs and arms and it’s so cute.
  • You can sit yourself up on your own now.
  • You took your first long trip and stayed in a hotel when we visited St. Louis for your cousin Luke’s birthday!
  • You love going outside and get so excited when we walk close to the door to go out!
  • You like to peek out of your crib to see if you can find someone who will come to rescue you! IMG_0512
  • Two weeks ago we took you to the doctor and you weighed 20 pounds 15 ounces.
  • We are finish up a pack of size 2 diapers and then you’ll be in size 3.
  • I skipped buying too many 9 month clothes so you are primarily in 12 month clothes. You’re a healthy boy!
  • So many people comment on your beautiful eyes! They are gorgeous!IMG_3561
  • You are a GREAT sleeper. We lay you down in bed and you play for a bit and then go to sleep! We are grateful you sleep so well after your sister who still doesn’t like to sleep!
  • You have the funniest laugh right now. I hope to catch it on video soon. Everyone loves it!
  • You are a little flirt and send smiles to everyone! IMG_3615
We love you big boy! You are such a joy in our lives and we are so incredibly thankful you are our son!!!!

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