Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly recap

When we actually do things other than work and go to school, I love this little blog to have as a record book of fun (and not so fun) important times in our lives. When we are just going through the routine, I don’t have as much to write about and feel like I let it fall by the wayside. I know I’ve been this way in the past and know that the cycle will come back around to where I have more to write about. So until then, it may be once a week that I write. Who knows?

Earlier in the week, Reed shared his funny face with me. I told him he looked like his monster shirt! IMG_6190

We went outside for some play time while Ava and Zach were at gymnastics! We loved the warmer weather we had last night. Reed of course played without his pants on because he always likes to take his pants off! IMG_6198

Right around the time Reed’s first surgery was scheduled, we had planned to take away his paci. He loves it and is majorly attached to it. They stay in his bed and he only has one at bedtime but he is always ready for it when he is getting ready for bed. Well, when we found out he needed surgery, I couldn’t bear to take it away because of the comfort it gave him. Then he had to have another surgery and the cycle continued. As of now, things seem good and so we have plans to shed the paci next weekend when spring break starts. It’s going to be hard and sad for him (I imagine) and I’ll miss one of these last bits of his babyhood. IMG_6201

One morning last weekend Zach noticed Ava had a pink smiley face on her cheek! We hadn’t noticed it the night before. We asked her about it and she said she didn’t remember anyone drawing on her. When I went to get a cloth to clean it off, I found her scrubbing her hand. Apparently she had drawn on her hand the night before and then laid her face on her hand and the smiley face transferred! IMG_6208

We had a fairly quiet weekend other than a birthday party and church. We were excited to get our weekend started.IMG_6238

We didn’t need a whole lot of groceries this week so Zach took Reed to “Wal-Mark” (as Reed calls it) and he was SOOOO excited. He kept saying, “we goin without Ava. we goin without Ava.” :) IMG_6243 

Seriously, how cute is he?!!!IMG_6244

It was so nice to have a relaxing quiet afternoon before we gear up for a fairly busy week. It rained pretty much all day Sunday and it was nice to just stay inside and take it easy. The kids napped well both days and it was nice to have a little quiet time to watch tv in silence!

I love this girl and can’t believe how grown up she is looking. IMG_6249

On Sunday I was going through closets trying to see what kind of clothes we needed for spring/summer and Ava decided to model this season’s bathing suits. She gave us a “fashion show”! Too bad that we had snow flurries mixed in our rain!IMG_6278

That’s all, folks!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend shenanigans

How is it that another weekend is over? I swear, we just STARTED the weekend and now it’s over and we’re already back to work.

How was your weekend? Ours was good. Friday evening was low key. We picked up around the house and then lounged around. Reed enjoyed some time with his daddy. After I read him three books, I sent him over to Zach for another one. ;)


Saturday we had visitors!!!! Stephen, Leslie, and Caroline came to see us! We were excited to have them here for a few hours! We were excited to see sweet little Caroline! IMG_6114

The girls minus Caroline got out for a little retail therapy. I think Ava had fun. IMG_6116IMG_6118

Aunt Leslie told Ava to pick something out at the store and she chose this. You’ve never seen a more excited kid. Thank GOODNESS there were two ice cream scoopers and two cones! :) Both kids love this!IMG_6120

After dinner when they were playing with it, they climbed up with Uncle Stephen and I love that Reed was truly licking the “danilla” ice cream!  IMG_6123IMG_6164

I promise my bangs aren’t messed up like they look here. They’d just gotten a little out of place! :)IMG_6165

I love this picture! Stephen told Ava to lay across their lap and she thought it was quite funny! IMG_6129

She started the first day of DST VERY early and immediately got her ice cream set out!IMG_6131

We got up and went to early Mass. IMG_6135

And then we went to breakfast with my grandparents and couple of their friends! (if you’re local, do you see a local news celebrity in the background?! Ha! He also goes to our church and happens to be good friends of my parents. He’s a news anchor but Ava told my mom we saw her “weather friend”).IMG_6146IMG_6145

After breakfast, Reed and I promptly went to the walk-in clinic. He’s had a horrible snotty green nose and a nasty cough since Tuesday. Today we woke up and told me it hurt inside his ear and he also had a weird splotchy red mark right under one ear. I was gearing up for a LONG wait and as we walked in, a lady was coming out and told us it was almost empty in there! Score! We got in and there were two people ahead of us. We seriously sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes and then were called back.   IMG_6148

The nurse hadn’t even been out of our room for a minute when the doctor walked in. It was funny because the doctor happened to be my primary care doctor. He was filling in for some of the doctors there. He checked Reed over and said he had fluid on the ear that Reed said hurt. He went ahead and gave us a prescription since he had the nasty green snot. Thankfully he doesn’t feel too bad, but I’m glad we had him seen before his ear got too bad. We were in and out of there in 25 minutes – unbelievable!!! Reed was proud of his prize! IMG_6156

The kids and I took a nap Sunday afternoon. Ava doesn’t always sleep on the weekends but when she does, she is OUT! IMG_6163

It was such a good weekend. I love the slower pace of life on the weekend and just enjoy getting to be at home with my family. I hope this week passes as quickly as the last ones have so we can do it again!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quiet weekend

We didn’t have much going on this past weekend and it was kind of nice. Zach was fighting off a sinus infection or something and didn’t feel well on Saturday, so we let him rest as much as possible.

The kids woke up early, as usual, on Saturday morning. I got up and got them some breakfast and set them up with iPad so I could get my workout done. Thank goodness for technology!IMG_5992

Ava told me that she wanted to spend some “alone time” with me over the weekend. Zach normally does our grocery shopping but since he didn’t feel well, Ava and I tackled it together. She was a happy camper. IMG_5996

Neither of the kids really napped on Saturday, though Zach did. Ha! Ava worked on some puzzles and I later found a picture of one of them on my phone! :) IMG_5999

Just because I need to remember these days, here are a few over the lovely gems Reed said during church this weekend:

  • After I threatened to take him to the cry room, he said “Take me to the cry baby.”
  • He saw my uncle who was ushering and asked loudly more than once, “What’s Kenny doing?”
  • While eating his goldfish, he asked if Zach, Ava, or I wanted one and when we all said know he looked at me and said “Does Jesus want one?”
  • I finally took him out and made him stand in a corner. He turned around and said “I a good boy.” I told him that he is a good boy, but was not behaving well in church. Finally he turned to me and said “i will behave now”.

I have to remember that we won’t always have these days of struggle! :)

I realized Sunday that I was missing one ingredient for the dinner we had planned for Sunday night. So we stopped by the small grocery store close to us. Ava loves that store because of the little carts.IMG_6006

On Sunday, I also finished another batch of cake pops that someone ordered for a birthday!IMG_6004

The weather here on Sunday was cold and wet. As the day went on, it got worse and worse. We had thunder sleet as well as as A LOT of sleet. The streets were covered and it just kept coming down. By Sunday evening, Monday’s school had been cancelled. So the kids and I had fun being silly knowing that they didn’t have to get to bed quite on time.IMG_6029

I had to go to work on Monday and before I left, I noticed there weren’t many tire tracks on our street which is somewhat unusual. It kind of worried me!!! Zach went out to the garage and had planned on taking my car around the block just to see what I’d be dealing with and our garage door wouldn’t go up! It was frozen shut. Little sweet Ava came up to me and said “Mom, that’s it. Just text your boss and tell her you can’t go.” So cute. I wish I could’ve stayed home with them.

The roads were completely snow covered. I was stopped at an intersection and took this picture.IMG_6035

Zach is great about sharing photos with me during the day and sent me this one early in the morning of Reed sitting at his picnic table playing a game on the iPad.IMG_6047 

A little later, he sent me another picture and said “Look what we got!” IMG_6041

And I asked him how they got them and he replied “delivery!” So I kept asking him how they got him and he wouldn’t give me an answer. He finally admitted that the new lady that lives next door came over and rang the doorbell and told him she had donuts for us and they were from her shop! These neighbors just moved in recently and we have only seen them once or twice, and now it kind of makes sense why! Anyway, it was so sweet of them to bring them by and they were GOOD!

I told Zach to take a pic of the kids and this is what he sent me. Could they BE any more excited? Ha!IMG_6046

Then he sent me this one – much better! Reed’s face kills me!IMG_6044

I’m so grateful that when these kids have snow days that they get to spend them with their daddy. I wish I got to spend some of these days with them but I’m thankful that their daddy gives me a glimpse into their day! Now, let’s hope the wintry weather is done for the season!  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cousin visit!

Friday evening we got to have a quick visit with my brother, SIL, nephew and niece! My brother had an alumni meeting Saturday morning and his family was able to travel down with him for a quick visit.

They came over to our house Friday afternoon. Ava and I had argued for a few days over who would get to hold the baby first! :)IMG_5960

We had mostly happy kiddos when they first arrived so we attempted to take a cousin picture since we only get to see each other maybe 3 times per year.    IMG_5968 

We pulled our picnic table inside for the kids to sit at to eat dinner. I also let them go wild and color on it, b/c well, sometimes you just need them to be distracted.  IMG_5977    

I love holding babies!!!!! IMG_5984IMG_5990

Love getting to see these sweet kiddos together!  IMG_5986 IMG_5987  

We were sad our other little cousin couldn’t be here, but we did get to visit with her on FaceTime Saturday afternoon and loved it!IMG_6003

We had a great time visiting with family we don’t see nearly often enough!!!

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