Sunday, August 21, 2011

The things my child says…

I absolutely have to record some of the funny things Ava has said lately. She is a comedienne and doesn’t even know it!IMG_3013

Zach went to Amarillo this weekend with my mom and dad to help pack up my dad’s apartment. Ava and I stayed behind, and everywhere we went this weekend, she told people “my dad leave us” or “my dad leave without us.” I get the giggles just thinking about it. Wonder if anyone felt sorry for me so obviously pregnant, with a child and abandoned?! :)

Saturday we went to Toys R Us to shop for some presents for an upcoming birthday party. They have those rides up front and as we were leaving, she told me she wanted to ride. I told her no and she looked at me and said “you’re making me sad.” ha! As we were walking to the car, she got a sad voice and said “you make me cry.” The guilt trips have already started!

My brother and his fiancee were here over the weekend and one of them asked me if my birthday was soon. Ava put her hands on her hips and said “well my birthday is soon, too!” She does NOT like anyone taking attention from her birthday that is still a month away.

Speaking of her birthday, when you ask how old she is, she won’t answer 2. This is what she says instead!

Silly kid! She keeps us very entertained these days!

Also, today marks 8 weeks until Reed’s due date! Yikes! I had a bit of a panic earlier thinking of all that we need to do to get ready. We still have some stuff to get out of the attic and go through as well a few things we need to get. Hopefully he doesn’t decide to make an early appearance!

It’s hard to believe the weekend is already over! But it’s my birthday week so it’s bound to be a good one, right?! :) Hope everyone has a good one as well!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ava’s 1st Day of Preschool!!!!!!!!

Monday Ava started preschool!!! She woke up VERY excited and was ready to go check out her new school and meet some new friends!!!!! But first we had to get some pictures!IMG_2957 

After she put her uniform on, she got goofy!! She was prancing around and dancing and all around very excited!!!Avaschool1

LOVE these next two pictures! I think they show how truly excited she was to be going to school!



Walking in and checking things out!!!!IMG_3000

In her classroom!!!IMG_3001 

She did GREAT on Monday! She started playing and gave us both a hug and kiss and had no problems with us leaving! Tuesday was a different story! She was very upset when I took her and I had to leave her crying! :( She got over it quickly and had a good day. Today was better. She cried a little but when I left she was playing and not crying so that was an improvement!

We’re so proud of our big girl!! She’s had fun and has so much to tell us each day. The funniest thing is that she tells everyone there is mulch on her playground! How she knew what mulch is, we have no clue! We’re praying she has a GREAT year!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Miracles happen!

I have always believed in this verse:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

But never before have I seen it SO clearly.

Back in January, I shared with you about my dad losing his job of 18 years. My dad took a leap of faith and accepted a job in Amarillo, TX. While he wasn’t happy about the location of the job, he felt that it was what he was being called to do and went.

The past few months we’ve seen him every couple of weekends when he’d come visit and slowly but surely, plans were coming into place for my mom to move and join him as well.

In the meantime, we’ve been praying that God’s will be done, and if it meant a move to Amarillo then, so be it, but we all needed strength to endure that. I was filling out school forms last week and it made me cry that I couldn’t write my mom down as our emergency contact. We have all been dreading the big move.

Well, even when we can’t see it, the Lord is working behind the scenes. This past Friday evening, my dad came home with amazing news! He was offered a promotion in the company he is working for and is now the boss of the ENTIRE company. It is a subsidiary owned by a parent company, and he will be the #1 at the subsidiary, answering to the VP of the parent who answers to the president of the parent. Simply amazing. He will now be the boss of his boss…. kinda crazy!

Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the best part. His new job will be in Oklahoma City!!!!!!!!!! They will now only be moving 2.5 – 3 hours away!!!!! While it’s still moving, it’s now half the distance and we are all just so excited and thankful!

This is a huge promotion for my dad and is something that NEVER would have happened had he not lost his job and accepted the job in Amarillo. This is better, more challenging job than the one he lost and after a year of heartache and struggles, God’s will for my parents has been revealed!

We are SO proud of my dad for his strength, perseverance and faith during this hard time! Not only that, he up and moved 6.5 hours away and spent a lot of time alone – I know that couldn’t have been easy. He has done what he felt he was being called to do and the Lord has rewarded his faithfulness!

IMG_0583 Congratulations, Dad! We are SO proud of you!!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

busy, busy!

Whew – we had a busy week this last week. Zach worked until 8:00 every evening so Ava and I were on our own and we just spent some fun time together after we got home each night.

Monday’s u/s went well. My dr had not received the images as of my appointment Thursday morning. The u/s tech told me she thought everything looked fine. My dr said that he felt they would have called if there had been an issue. He also said he’d call me if he saw something when he got them. We still haven’t heard anything so as far as we are concerned, Reed’s kidneys are just fine! ;)

We also learned he’s head down, but face up. We’re hoping and praying he’ll roll around by d-day so that there aren’t any delivery issues. He has time so hopefully he’ll cooperate and not make things hard on his mama!

Wednesday evening we had open house at Ava’s new school. She LOVED it. She went right to the toys and played for 20 minutes and didn’t want to leave!!IMG_2451 Then she cried because we had to leave her school supplies there. She wanted to take them home. :) I pray Monday morning goes as well. I still can’t believe she’s going to preschool.

One thing I am SO excited about is that Ava and Reed will be going to the same place! Our church has a school from Pre-K3 through 6th grade and just this year they decided to start an infant/toddler program as well. Reed will start there when I go back from maternity leave! Wednesday night we also got to see his classroom and meet his teacher! His class will be very small and I love that! He’s going to get some very specialized attention! :)

Thursday night we met up with one of Ava’s buddies from her old school for a dinner play date. They were SO excited to see each other! We ate. They played. His mama and I talked. They shared ice cream. The best part was when Ava came from the play are and told me he was trying to hold her hand – so funny! :)IMG_0577

And if you can believe it – this was Ava’s first ice cream cone. She’s of course had ice cream, but not in a cone. She definitely enjoyed it, wouldn’t you say?! IMG_0579

I guess my next update will be about Ava’s first day of school! I am praying she likes it as much then as she did Wednesday but it will most likely be a little more chaotic. I’m sure she’ll have a great day!

Our family also got some really great news last night. I feel like it deserves it’s own post so that is coming in the next few days as well. Now, I’m off for a nap while the girl naps! Gotta get rest up while I can. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

30 weeks!

Um. wow! I cannot believe I am 10 weeks or less away from meeting this boy! Where has this year gone? Here I am in all my giant glory.


And just for fun – here’s a 20 to 30 weeks comparison. I have definitely grown. comparison 

Just a few things I want to note: this past week was miserable. I’ve tried hard not to complain too much but this heat is just downright AWFUL! On Wednesday, we broke our city’s all time record high of 113 with the new record of 115. It was also this day that the electricity went off at work around 2:45. I’ve lost count of how many days in a row we’ve been over 100 degrees but it’s a lot. We actually got a little rain this morning and so far today we haven’t hit 100 – maybe today will be the day we break that streak! I’ll be sure and tell Reed how I was pregnant with him during the hottest summer ever!

Tomorrow I have my ultrasound to check on Reed’s kidneys. We are praying that we get good news. I probably won’t know anything until I go to my doctor appointment on Thursday. He said he typically gets results in two days so the timing worked out perfectly to be able to ask questions if need be. We would appreciate any prayers for our sweet boy.

Reed received a package in the mail this past week and look what he got!!!

IMG_2902 Are these not precious?! This is the very first thing I have with his name on it and I LOVE it!! Sweet Holli made these and sent them to us. Thanks again, Holli!

This next week is busy with my ultrasound, dr appointment, open house for Ava’s new school and getting ready for our big girl to start 3 year old preschool next Monday! Hope you all have a great week!!!!!

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