Monday, April 30, 2012

Ava is riding for St. Jude!!!

This week Ava’s school is participating in the St. Jude Trike-a-thon. Ava is going to be riding her bike and is asking for sponsors to help her reach her goal of $100. We have all been touched by cancer in some way, and while all cancer is devastating, there is something so heartbreaking about a child having cancer. We are monthly Partners in Hope with St. Jude and this is something I believe so strongly in. Ava is SO excited to participate in this and if you could help out, we would be so grateful! Any gift, no matter how small, is SO appreciated!
Please see this sweet video Ava recorded asking for your help! I coached her on what to say, but her thanking you from all the children was her own words! :) 


If you would like to donate, please click here to do so!! THANK YOU for helping Ava and the children of St. Jude!

Preview from photo session!

We had Reed’s six months photos taken last weekend and here are some previews we got! I can’t wait to see the rest!!IMG_2540 IMG_2536IMG_2538 IMG_2539

LOVE that sweet baby boy!


She also included one of pretty big sister!!IMG_2537

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy birthday Zach!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Zach!!!!IMG_0267-3

We hope you have a wonderful day! You are such a great daddy and wonderful husband. We are SO proud of you and all you have accomplished, as well as the manner you have handled yourself the past few weeks as we’ve faced some trials and discouragements! You are a wonderful man of God! We love you and wish you a very happy birthday!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Play date fun!!

Saturday morning, Ava and I met up with two of her oldest friends, Samir and Shelbey, and their moms for a play date! We went to a local farm where we picked strawberries, fed the geese and the goats, and petted pigs! We had a blast!

We started with the strawberry picking! IMG_2322Strawberries2IMG_0275

The picking also included some strawberry eating! This farm doesn’t use any pesticides on their crops.IMG_0274IMG_0280

And it included some running around and being silly!IMG_0278IMG_2331 The kids and their buckets of strawberries (plus mine too!)IMG_2332 BEAUTIFUL berries!!!IMG_2334

Me and my favorite girl!! :)IMG_0290

After the strawberries, we let the kids feed the geese and then run around for a bit. We talked about making sure the geese didn’t get angry and get after them, and when we turned to look, they were chasing the geese. It was quite comical!IMG_0291

They still had their Easter Bunny cutout for them to poke their heads through!!

AvaIMG_0295 ShelbeyIMG_2342

Then we went to see the pigs and goats.IMG_0298 IMG_0297 I found it a little humorous that Ava is DEATHLY afraid of kitty cats, but will pet a pig! :) IMG_2343 

The kids also fed the goats! IMG_0300 IMG_0304

They had a bridge for the goats to walk up and a perch for them to sit on, with a pulley to send food up to them. They loved this!IMG_0306

This was the perfect morning play date! The weather was beautiful and the kids (and moms!) had a great time!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

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