Thursday, December 27, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas

Last year I saw a couple of friends celebrate their husbands by celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas for them. I promptly filed the idea away, knowing that I wanted to do it this year.

In November, I began working on my list of ideas for the 12 days. I decided I wanted to incorporate Zach’s Christmas gifts I was already planning into this and then came up with others to fill it in.

He enjoyed this SO much!!! It was so fun to surprise him with this and we both looked forward to gift time each day!!! He works so hard for us, does so much for us and does it all without complaint and I just really wanted to do something extra special for him.

Here are all his gifts, ready to go! On the outside of each package, there is a label indicating the day. On the inside is a rhyme about the gift!IMG_7274

I shared some of the rhymes with my friend Sarah, who had a ton of requests for a blog post with details. She posted here about the rhymes and even has some pre-made templates you can use if you want to do this next year!

{Day 1}IMG_7301IMG_7304

{Day 2}IMG_7330

{Day 3}IMG_7337

{Day 4}IMG_7397

{Day 5}IMG_7417

{Day 6}IMG_7448

{Day 7} IMG_7460

{Day 8} IMG_7471

{Day 9}IMG_7481

{Day 10}IMG_7482 

{Day 11}IMG_7503

{Day 12}IMG_7506

I think he was really surprised at all of this and I know he loved it. He asked me if next year I could do the 25 days of Christmas! ha! If you are looking for something fun and different, try this next year. I guarantee the special person in your life will love it and will feel extra special because of it!!!

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  1. This was such a cute idea!!! :) great wifey you are!!


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